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The 6 Best Video Types on YouTube for Your Business

Author: Aileen Barz

03. September 2019

YouTube is the world's largest video platform. More than 1 billion hours of videos are viewed every day. Learn which video types your company should use on YouTube to score points with every target group.

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Why companies should use YouTube.

YouTube is the most popular and largest platform for any video content. The numbers speak for themselves:

Funfact: It was a Nike advertisement that was the first to break the 1 million views barrier – the best example of how YouTube is also ideal for companies!

Between the enormous reach of the largest video platform worldwide, the active community, and the different content forms and placement possibilities of video, YouTube becomes incredibly beneficial to companies.


YouTube lives from social video. This refers to the trend for actively searching for, consuming, and uploading videos. The result: a community that comments, shares, and interacts with companies (or their video).

Oft sind es Musik-Videos, die auf YouTube am meisten angeschaut werden. Aber lassen Sie sich davon nicht abschrecken.

There are some advantages for companies to be active on YouTube anyway:

First of all, YouTube is a very basic hosting platform for your video. This saves you time-consuming uploads to the CMS of your website and also makes your video more directly visible on the World Wide Web.

As the second largest search engine, YouTube lists your video as well as classic search engines according to search queries – within YouTube as well as on Google.

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Before you start with your own videos:

Goals and target groups – these two points are the basis for quality videos. We also work with our customers before we start the actual video production.

You have something you want to achieve with your YouTube video: your business goal. And your video content depends on that (and of course on your target group). As you already know: It's all about content.

The following questions are relevant:

  • What relevant knowledge do you have to achieve your goal?
  • What interests your target group? What added value can you offer them with your videos?
  • Would you like to develop a unique video or a continuous format?
  • What does the competition do and how is it received?

Of course, you have to ask yourself if you can produce a video or even a video series at all. We have listed in another blog post what you have to pay attention to, for example, in an explainer video production.

The questions are initially detached from the future format of your video, but provide crucial clues to the type of video. Below, we show you which video formats are most popular on YouTube.

Natürlich müssen Sie sich grundlegend die Frage stellen, ob Sie überhaupt ein Video oder sogar Videoreihe produzieren können. Wir haben Ihnen in einem anderen Blogbeitrag aufgeführt, worauf Sie z. B. bei einer Erklärvideo-Produktion achten müssen.

Die Fragen fungieren zunächst losgelöst von dem zukünftigen Format Ihres Videos, geben aber entscheidende Anhaltspunkte für die Videoart. Im Folgenden zeigen wir Ihnen, welche Videoformate auf YouTube am beliebtesten sind.

These are the best types of YouTube videos for businesses.

#1 Tutorials.

How-To tutorials are probably the most attractive videos for companies on YouTube. The demand is there: "How-to" search queries on YouTube grow by 70% every year. One out of five YouTube users uses the platform to learn new things.

Enterprises appear here distinguished as industry experts and a competent partner – a title for which businesses should strive.

A tutorial does not always have to be elaborately produced. Screen capture videos explain, for example, the functionality of software via screen recording.

At best, tutorials always solve a specific problem – whether about your product, your service, or a topic for which you are an expert and in which your target group is interested.

YouTuber Blender Guru and his formula for successful tutorials: (Topic x Result) + Practice + Clarity + Delivery..

#2 Explainer videos.

Similar to tutorials, explainer videos are much shorter and generally appeal to emotions. However, they are to be understood less as instructions and more as a short explanation.

Explain a topic quickly and effectively.

There are no limits to the video style: Whether your video is a classic animation style such as the Whiteboard, a modern explainer video style such as the Flat, an infographics style, or still shot, depends on your concrete goal.

#3 Q&A videos.

Questions and Answers – Q&A for short – is a content format that answers specific questions from interested parties. Many may be familiar with this principle from the FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions) of a website.

Especially for an existing and active YouTube community, the Q&A video is a popular type of video for exchanging information with the target group to a particularly high degree.

Get involved with your community – across formats and channels.

In most cases, questions from interested parties from various sources are collected in advance and then answered in a bundled video. Often a series of several Q&A's is created in which new viewer questions are regularly answered.

Gary Vaynerchuck, entrepreneur and one of the marketing gurus and his #AskGaryVee Show.

#4 Live Videos.

Live broadcasts are currently attracting a lot of attention on many social media channels. YouTube Live also broadcasts videos in real time. They are placed prominently, and some users even receive push notifications.

A live video can be the transmission of an event, which reaches digitally a further and thus altogether larger target group. Or it can be a Q&A like in tip #3 as a livestream in which the questions of the audience are answered. Or lessons as a live session.

The possibilities are numerous. So always ask yourself why your idea is suitable for the livestream on YouTube.

Be approachable and meet your prospective customers at the same time.

In contrast to the normal upload of a video, a livestream on YouTube has other special features such as the advance planning, the equipment, or the Internet connection to consider. The YouTube Academy offers a course for the right live stream.

#5 product presentations.

Classic among the YouTube videos: Product presentations. They describe and show the design and functions of your product. This form of video is especially useful for new product launches or product introductions.

Show your face.

In tip #2 we talk about explainer videos. These differ from actual product presentations in that usually one person introduces or explains the product.

An employee or CEO of your company can present the product as a video. Or you can use the reach of an influencer or a fan who presents your product in the form of an unboxing video or review video.

Tree of Tea’s showing off. Not to be confused: Haul videos. These product reviews are from individuals.

#6 Vlogs.

A Vlog is a video blog and how to understand a diary in video format. That means, there are periodically successive videos, which show e.g. the everyday life, the people or projects of a company.

It becomes private.

First and foremost, a vlog serves to give authentic insights into the company. That's why vlogs are particularly emotionalizing and personal.

Prove your creativity. Probably the most boring are videos without dynamics, dramaturgy and quality. This also applies to the Vlog. Show exciting, interesting places and people.

Make the most of your YouTube presence.

The SEO optimization of your video.

Your video will be better found if it is search-engine optimized. We have prepared instructions and tips for you. This also includes the perfect thumbnail to your video: You can find our tips and tricks in one of our blog posts.

Stay tuned.

Your video wants to be seen – on your website, on YouTube, as well as on other social media channels. So upload your video to Facebook or LinkedIn.

But don't be frustrated if the first video doesn't get many clicks. Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Video Marketing are a long-term investment and require patience.


It is therefore worth thinking about several types of video, video series, or formats that build on each other.

You can also produce timeless videos that are still appealing to your target group months or even years later.

Advertise your video.

You can increase the visibility of your video by promoting your video. YouTube offers many other placement options, so you can also create a coordinated YouTube campaign.

However, the placement will affect the length and content of your video. The shortest format is probably the bumper ad, which is only 6 seconds long.

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