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Insanely Great Storytelling Brand Videos That Will Inspire You


Author: Liesa Wieruch

24. September 2019

Standing out from the crowd is currently the biggest challenge for marketers. What’s the most effective tool? Storytelling! Learn from our selected best-practice examples and get inspired for your own video projects.

The world is loud and noisy. Think about the main shopping areas in Tokyo, Hong Kong, or New York- one flashing neon sign after the other. Our online surfing behavior is also disturbed by sudden pop-ups trying to sell us something. What are users screaming at us? Clumsy advertising messages. No wonder we became numb over time. You won’t get very far trying to attract attention as a brand and train loyal brand ambassadors.

A marketing tactic has developed out of this "dilemma" that has already proven itself for many brands. That's why it is still popular today and is used by so many companies. The magic ingredient is called "storytelling" and is often referred to as the main component in content marketing.

Storytelling gives a brand a personality with which (potential) customers maintain an emotional relationship. As a favorite brand, customers will always prefer these over the others. This is the status quo. That's where you want to go!

But how do you create a fictitious person from a brand? Storytelling means telling an authentic story about a company and its products. The radical idea of commerce takes a back seat. It is about conveying the right feeling for a brand, highlighting its added value, and simplifying complex topics. Studies prove that test persons could remember messages, which were embedded in a story, 22 times better than pure facts.

“Imagine a world..." is how Mynd begins the story about Blockchain and presents this new technology in simplified form.

Besides text and pictures, videos are part of the successful storytelling concept. They should inspire young and old so much that they want to tell your story. If you address the emotions of the target group and don't mince your words, you will usually receive full attention without digression.

And that brings us to our topic. Moving images best convey emotions. There's no arguing about that (provided you use suitable channels and address topics that move the target group)! If you want to attract attention, initiate discussions and/or increase customer loyalty, videos are your medium because moving images are the future!

Nowadays, everyone wants to be an excellent storyteller. Believe it or not, everyone has an extraordinary story to tell, which distinguishes them from others. However, very few people have what it takes to tell great stories.

The problem usually starts with brainstorming and culminates in implementation. But no reason to panic. In both cases, we can help. In this article, you will learn by means of real practical examples. These should serve as a source of inspiration for you to develop your own ideas.

Do you want to refresh your knowledge of storytelling? Then we recommend our XXL Storytelling Guide for basic tips.

Otherwise, we will start directly with these eight brands as excellent best practice examples for successful storytelling videos.

Our 8 Favorites.

Storytelling can occur in any genre, and as a storytelling method, you can enhance your videos tremendously. Dry facts and features are yesterday's news. Product Videos or Explainer Videos are crowd-pleasers.

Did you already know about it? This is the content with the most added value for users:

  • 68%: Content that informs and educates,
  • 17%: who entertain, and
  • 11%: that inspire.

In this section, we will show you videos from different industries. We want to prove to you that everyone can do video storytelling. Different emotions are included for a wide panoramic view.

#1 Momondo’s “DNA Journey” – Hope.

Momondo reveals the identity of the test persons – do you also want to know who you are descended from?

What is it about?

Momondo asks participants from different backgrounds how they would describe their cultural identity and why they are critical of a certain nationality or culture. The subjects then take part in a saliva test to have their DNA analyzed. The results are both surprising and overwhelming. The reactions are recorded.

Why is the video so good?

As a viewer, you feel with those involved. If necessary, your body reacts similarly to that of the study participants – you tremble and your eyes tear up. Automatically, you start to think about which ancestors you have and which different identities you have within you.

We humans are empathic beings. We are already born with a lot of compassion. This means that it is in our nature to react to the feelings of our counterpart and to act empathetically. Momondo has taken advantage of this with bravura so that we are more receptive to the message afterwards.

"You have more in common with the world than you think. An open world begins with an open mind." Instead of saying, "People, travel more,” shift the focus. You encourage people to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, exploring their identity. Travelling serves as a means to an end, and Momondo indirectly offers itself as an understanding travel partner.

Furthermore, Momondo's message is a very profound and powerful one. Especially now, when the worldwide situation is very tense. By showing adults their past in front of the camera and opening their eyes, they appeal to more social tolerance and awaken the spirit of adventure.

#2 Fondation 30 Millions d'Amis – Grief.

30 Millions d’Amis Foundation: What grief can mean in a video.

What is it about?

The 30 Millions d'Amis Foundation is the best-known registered charity in France, fighting on many fronts to defend and protect animals.

This video gives viewers reasons not to neglect their dog by telling the story of the unique relationship between a little girl (later woman) and her dog. The audience follows the two through all the important moments of their lives until the old animal dies in the arms of its owner. Then these heartbreaking words appear on the black screen: "When a dog abandons his master it is not to go on holiday." The last sentence hits the audience right in the heart.

Why is the video so good?

How do you want to change people's attitudes? Big feelings are the most effective. Sad strokes of fate touch most people, especially those you may have experienced yourself before. Sometimes something has to happen before you wake up, but that's not the way it should happen in the first place. The Foundation takes care of this drastic wake-up moment!

Many pet owners can remember everyday situations with their pet. Their well-being often comes first, next to their own health and that of their family. The Foundation has observed this social behavior very well and has shown it in the video. Once again, identifying the target group with a topic plays an important role.

Animal lovers and those who are not affected are also addressed by this video because they feel compassion for the animals and want to help automatically, be it through donations, voluntary service in the animal shelter, or the like.

#3 University of Waterloo “Landmine Boy” – Pride.

What is it about?

The video is about a young man from Cambodia who wants to solve the problem with dangerous landmines. His biggest motivation? His personal story – his aunt was killed by a landmine.

Why is the video so good?

What is more effective than telling a story? To anchor a personal story in a story, like that of Richard Yim. This gives the video a common thread by which viewers can orient themselves. Due to the logical sequence of the actions, the audience can better understand why one event led to another.

In this case, you first follow the tragic past of Richard Yim, who rises from the ashes like a phoenix. He studies at university, develops robots for the defusing of landmines, and then found his own company.

He not only secures his future, but also that of many other people in Cambodia. The University of Waterloo presents Richard as a kind of modern hero. It is precisely these hero stories that make the video so successful. Look at the fairytales of the past. Everyone has their hero.

The university sends out hidden signals that may not be recognizable at first glance. With this video, they want to show that, as a teaching institution, they give everyone a chance and train outstanding graduates who change the world. This suggests a certain pride to the viewer, feeling like a part of this community.

#4 Greenpeace “Rang-Tan” – Angst.

Greenpeace lets its protagonists have their say in order to make the situation clear and to win comrades-in-arms.

What is it about?

A little girl doesn't know what to do because a baby orangutan spreads out in her nursery. But he then tells her why he is with her – for fear of the people because they destroyed his home and killed his family.

Why is the video so good?

The special thing about this video is the narrative perspective. First, the girl tells the story in first person form. Then, you get the perspective of the young orangutan. The perspective changes, which sensitizes the audience to the situation of the orangutan, in the hope that the people will join Greenpeace's petition #DropDirtyPalmOil.

In addition, the moving images look painted or scribbled, which is a welcome change from the frequently used real films and animated web designs. The rhyming monologues of the two protagonists also sound very melodic and give the video a pleasant flow.

#5 P&G “Thank you Mom” – Gratitude.

Hurray for all mothers! P&G's latest campaign within the four year cycle of the Olympic Games.

What's it all about?

Different personal stories are shared. All of them are about how mothers around the world are the driving force behind their children, who are becoming the best athletes in the world. The mothers look after their children and support them in difficult times until they have achieved their greatest goals in their sports careers.

Why is the video so good?

Have you ever seen P&G products in the video? No, because this is not about them at all. P&G sends a message: "Proud sponsor of moms.” They show their main target group, the mothers, that they are at their side and help them be there for their children. They are held in high esteem. This is a prime example of building close customer relationships and achieving strong brand loyalty.

This video also picks up on the truest form of love – a mother's love for her child. This love is universally valid, beyond national borders, so that the majority of women can identify with these meaningful images.

The timing also fits. P&G always broadcasts a new campaign for the Olympic Games that is eagerly awaited by the audience.

#6 Nike “Dream Crazier” – Motivation & Inspiration.

Nike: Storytelling at the highest level.

What is it about?

The video shows women in professional sports in different situations. They fight against prejudices, demand equal rights, rebel, get themselves together, and fight for fame.

Why is the video so good?

Nike addresses a social problem here and thematizes it in a video. Without directly talking about social injustice and demanding equality, they take a clear stand. Nike is a brand with an opinion.

They pledge their support to women and get help from the world's best sportswomen like Simone Biles, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Chloe Kim, and the women's national soccer team of the USA. The narrator is tennis star Serena Williams.

They close their spot by conveying their message on a black background and in white writing, "It's only crazy until you do it." Then follows their world-famous slogan, "Just do it.” With this simple representation, but the right choice of words, they hit the nail on the head and inspire people all over the world. Who doesn't feel a tingling sensation in their fingers or feet at this sight?

Now that women (and men) wear Nike as a brand, they profess to one thing and join a movement. They become part of a community that satisfies one of the most basic needs of a person – love and belonging.

The formula for smart storytelling: high-quality content + relevance + personality + emotions.

Do you think it's a bigger challenge for you to tell rousing stories? Do you think your product seems too dry or serious? These examples prove the opposite:

Tell Your Story!

Your story is important when you create high quality content with relevance and emotion and interact authentically with your target audience. This is the only way to position yourself as a strong brand and achieve long-term success.

Accept the challenge and look forward to the exchange with your target group! You will get just as much back as you invest, and perhaps, even more. Just be yourself!

Do you need support in communicating your story? We will be happy to help you. Contact us today »

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