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How to Convince Every Company: The Perfect Application Video

Aileen Barz
Jun 4, 2019

More and more applicants are trying to convince job seekers with application videos. In this article, you can read about the advantages of application videos for both companies and applicants and how to create a promising application video yourself.

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In this article you will learn...

  • how much potential there is in application videos,
  • how to best organize the content and structure of your video,

  • how to choose the right location and equipment,
  • how to present yourself perfectly in your application video.

Video is becoming more and more popular in the corporate world – moving image content in online marketing (e.g. on your website or social media), with explainer videos for internal communication, or for presenting the product and service with the help of an image film, product videos, or tradeshow videos – making it it perfect for young, media-savvy applicants to take advantage.

However, because companies are increasingly receiving videos in the course of the application process, it’s becoming more and more challenging to make yourself stand above the rest. It’s crucial to learn how to use video to your advantage in the application process.

The Potential of Application Videos.

The videos, which are usually created by applicants themselves, are intended above all to highlight one thing- the unique selling proposition of the applicant . The aim is to present oneself from the best side to get onto the shortlist for a job.

An application video does not replace the classic application, but rather complements it. Cover letter and resumė in written form, as well as attached certificates and assessments, are still an integral part of an application.

As an applicant, you should always keep a central question in mind throughout your application: Why you? Within the mass of applications that a company receives in this era of digitization, it may not be so easy to prevail against the large competition pool.

Elaborately designed and printed applications used to be mailed by the post. Now they are quickly and easily sent through e-mail or uploaded to a company job portal. For companies, this means a huge flood of applications.

Not only do people apply to multiple companies, those companies are also competing with other possible employers for the right candidate and have to expect a more complex selection process and higher costs.

The digital application process is associated with both opportunities and challenges for both applicants and companies. Application videos bring a fresh and authentic breeze to the mountain of applications that a human resources person must view.

An application video not only offers the creative scope that written applications do not offer, but also provides the decisive advantage when it comes to being shortlisted. A video application shows what written applications cannot – personality.

Making Your Video Application Perfect.

Producing your own application video is easier said than done. Because an applicant wants to shine, a high-quality recording and significant content are crucial for success.

Of course, a lavishly produced video looks brilliant, but don't forget the goal that you are pursuing with an application video. First and foremost, it's about an impressive portrayal of yourself and your skill sets and less about your talents as a video producer.

The candidate Mark Leruste combines quality, humor, and outstanding skills in his video application.

For a complex production, we strongly recommend that you have your video produced by a professional video production company. There are companies that specialize in the creation of video applications while advising you on the content, storytelling, and style of your application video.

However, producing a video yourself is not impossible for this purpose. It only requires some preparation. Some aspects can be solved easily and others can be researched.

In order for your video application to convince your dream employer to hire you, we have compiled the most important aspects for you.

Organize Relevant Video Content.


You can create a video yourself that can be sent equally to all relevant companies . At first glance, this seems to save you a lot of work. However, just as generalized cover letters don't impress some companies, an application video may not produce the desired results.

If you want to send several companies a video application, you can consider to what extent your video can be divided thematically so that you only have to record certain topic blocks , not the entire video.

We have the following tips for the structure of your application video:

  • Create an exciting introduction so that viewers want to learn more about you.
  • Build a content framework to give your video application a rounded appearance.
  • Divide your video into scenes and various locations.
  • Use cuts to visually separate your topics from each other.

You can find out how you can technically manage the editing of video material in the post-production section.


In the application video, you should not only repeat your curriculum vitae orally, but also present your personality, creating substance to the application.

Since the intention of your application video is to introduce you as briefly and concisely as possible, it is helpful to ask yourself in advance what information may be relevant for a personnel officer of a specific company.

Your first point of contact here is the job posting itself. There you will find most of the crucial information regarding the activity and the type of person the company is seeking. The company's website also gives you a sense of how the company understands itself.


Do not try to adapt to the company, but see which of your characteristics fit the description and the corporate identity.

An honest analysis of your values and those of the company is not only beneficial to you, but also to your company. It is authentic and, at the same time, reduces possible frustration on both sides.

An application video is about the credible presentation of yourself. It is not the time to tell your life story. Instead, go for a more creative or surprise effect in portraying yourself.

Manche Unternehmen haben sogar selbst ein Recruiting-Video erstellt, um den eigenen Auswahlprozess zu optimieren, indem sie in dem firmeneigenen Video versuchen, genau diese Bewerber anzuziehen, die zu ihrer Firma, ihrem Employer Branding passen. Hier erfahren Sie mehr zu den Potenzialen von Recruiting Videos und erhalten weitere Beispiele von Recruiting-Videos.

Some companies even create a recruiting video themselves in order to optimize their own selection process by trying to attract exactly those candidates in the company's own video who match their company and their employer branding. Learn more about the potential of recruiting videos and get more examples of recruiting videos.

Recruiting Videos convey the values and ideas of a company. Who can tell this better than your own employees?

Take advantage of the opportunity the recruiting videos provide to get to know a company better and to find out what is important for future employees.


We recommend focusing on the most important facts that are relevant to you and the company. Your video should last no longer than 2 minutes.

Once you've done enough research and got a feel for the company you want to apply to, put your results in writing . Writing a kind of script may help to be more organized. Learn in our XXL Storytelling Guide how you can use storytelling cleverly for your video application.

Haben Sie ausreichend recherchiert und ein Gefühl für das Unternehmen bekommen, bei dem Sie sich bewerben wollen, können Sie anfangen, Ihre Ergebnisse am besten schriftlich zu ordnenEs kann auch helfen, eine Art Drehbuch zu schreiben. Erfahren Sie in unserem XXL Storytelling-Guide, wie Sie Storytelling geschickt für Ihre Videobewerbung einsetzen können.

This is the time when you can construct your personal thoughts. Which statements are particularly important to you? What do you value most? By subordinating this process to research, you unconsciously optimize your statements for the respective company.

With every form of content creation, you should pay attention to the following for your application video:

  • Focus on what is most important.
  • Persuade within the first seconds of your video.
  • Establish a connection between yourself and the company in terms of content.
  • Conclude with a call to action to your video.  

Think the Video Setting Through.


Even if your video focuses on you, the right location is particularly important for your video shoot.

Play it safe with a neutral, simple location, like a bright wall. However, it’s even more professional if you add depth to your video background by integrating space and objects. When choosing a location, make sure you have sufficient lighting to make you visible.


Ask yourself which image content underlines your personality and can be interesting for the location.

It is also worthwhile to produce something with a little more creativity. You will not only stand out from the crowd, but also prove that you can think "outside the box,” especially in the creative fields. However, while creative ideas are encouraged, too much can quickly become unwelcomed.

Too much creativity? Erin’s video didn’t balance creativity with professionalism.


For a quality application video, you need a suitable camera. This can be a video camera or a DSLR camera. Less suitable are integrated webcams in your computer or the front camera of your mobile phone.

Of course, modern smartphones have the technology to record high-quality video. We recommend, however, not to film in the selfie mode from your hand, but to use a tripod (and the camera on the back of your smartphone, which produced a much better quality).


By using a tripod, you not only have more control over the picture detail, but also are able to concentrate more on yourself while filming.

Depending on the location you have selected, it may be necessary to use an external microphone . This is especially true for places with higher background noise . Alternatively, you may find a similar setting, but in a quiet environment.

Put Yourself in the Limelight.


Choose the appropriate outfit for the industry . Of course, it depends on the detail of the picture you have chosen whether you have to be dressed appropriately from head to toe. In terms of color schemes, your clothing should also coordinate with the choice of location.

We recommend choosing a portrait style image that is suitable for the purpose, as well as the content, of an application video.

Alex uses depth blur, neutral background, and creative techniques in narrative dialogue style.

Body Language.

As we all know, body language says a lot about a person, sending consciously and unconsciously signals to our interviewers.

In an application video, you should practice the same behaviors that apply to a face-to-face interview. Fortunately, a video application has one immense advantage- an infinite number of attempts . You can look at your recording and critically analyze your body language in order to achieve the desired look with further recordings.


Record your video while standing. In a calm but upright position, you automatically have a better posture, gesticulate more, and appear more present, motivated, and full of energy.

Imagine that the camera lens is your conversation partner. It is important to keep eye contact with the camera . This way, the person you are talking to feels addressed, and you radiate more self-confidence all by yourself.

Speech Style.

If you planned your content in advance, you will notice that the "what" is not so difficult. For the "how," you can make notes about the content in advance; however, we strongly recommend that you do not use them during the recording . Reading your notes seems uncertain and unauthentic.


Pay attention to a clear but natural pronunciation. The more fluent and natural you talk, the fewer cuts have to be made in post-production.

Provide Your Application Video Correctly.


In post-production, you can import your raw recordings and simply remove irrelevant sentences, pauses, and slip-ups with proper editing, giving your application video more strength.

Avoid a single frontal view of yourself. While you're talking about your skills, you can use other images to underline them.

Free (or already integrated into the computer) editing programs are sufficient to give your video that special boost. With Apple's operating system, for example, this would be iMovie; Programs such as Windows Movie Maker, Shotcut, or Video Editor & Movie Maker are suitable for Windows.

Video Format.

Ein weiterer Vorteil bei der Nutzung von Schnittprogrammen: Sie haben mehr Kontrolle über den Auswurf der Datei bei der Finalisierung Ihres Videos. Je nachdem, wie Sie Ihr Video bereitstellen wollen, muss eventuell die Dateigröße oder das Dateiformat besondere Maßstäbe erfüllen.

Another advantage when using editing programs is having more control over ejecting the file when finalizing your video. Depending on how you want to host your video, the file size or format may need to meet some special standards.

Probably the most common video format is mp4, which you can attach to email. You can also download the video file to your cloud, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and provide a link to download the file. Find out which of the most important video formats you can also use.

We recommend that you simply upload your video to YouTube. If you select "not listed" in the settings, it will only be visible to those who have the Youtube link. However, other video platforms are also suitable for uploading your application video.

A major advantage when uploading to YouTube is not having to pay attention to the file size. Simply upload your video in the highest quality , and YouTube will take care of optimizing your video. You can then embed the video in your documents and link it in the text, or you can embed it on your application homepage.

And Action!

The possibilities are endless. Use the opportunities video applications give you!

We are a professional service provider for video solutions and will gladly produce your suitable video for your purpose »

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