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Top 15 Facebook Video Templates for More Success on Social Media

Viola Schweizer
Jun 14, 2019

Do you want to develop the full potential of your Facebook Video Ad and attract the attention of your viewers? Then use templates! We have selected the 15 best Facebook Video Ad Templates that you can use for your advertising purposes.

More than two billion people worldwide use Facebook every month. That's quite a lot. No matter which target group you want to reach, there is a great chance that you will find them on Facebook. 

Facebook Video Ads reach more people than any other Facebook advertising form. However, your ad getting views isn’t guaranteed. It largely depends on the quality of the videos used and the target group defined in advance.

Even if you have little experience with advertising videos on Facebook, there is one way you can create a targeted video ad in just a few minutes. The solution? Templates!

But what does the optimal Facebook Video Ad look like? Which templates are available to you and which promise the best chances? We have found the best 15 Facebook Video Ad Templates for you! Sit back and become inspired.

Ranking: Top 15 Video Templates for Your Facebook Ads. 

#15 More Spotlight Scenes.

Et voilà – here it comes, our number 15! The Facebook video ad template More Spotlight Scenes captivates with strong, impressive color gradients and exciting animation effects. With plenty of room for type, your personal message is in the foreground. It’s ideal for big announcements, strong numbers, and anything else that should leave a big impression. All you have to do is adjust the text, choose the right music, and your Facebook Video Ad will be perfect.

#14 Honeycomb.


Real estate industry watch out! The template Honeycomb was created especially to present real estate in a stylish way. If you have a hotel, an apartment building, a complete holiday package, or even a house for sale, then this template is for you. 

#13 Polaroid.


Nobody can avoid the retro trend at the moment. Even the Polaroid camera is experiencing a revival. The instant camera Fuji Instax is on the shelves of almost every influencer. Why not use this template to promote your products or services? The Polaroid Template allows you to perform in the old school style, but taking a fraction of the time.

#12 Summer Vacation.


The most beautiful stories are written in summer, and it is exactly this incomparable atmosphere that you sometimes want to share. Use the template Summer Vacation to advertise certain travel offers or to draw attention to summer clothing such as surf suits, bikinis, or sunglasses – this template is the perfect choice.

#11 Restaurant.

Yum! This mouth-watering video template called Restaurant is great for restaurants or cafes. It takes just a few words, your logo, as well as a Call To Action at the end, and it's ready- your very own personal Facebook Video Ad. We can already taste it!

#10 Watercolor Dynamic.


Do you want your Facebook Video Ad to convey a feeling of peace, tranquility, or relaxation? Then you should think about the Watercolor Dynamic template. The soft tones, soft gradients, and smooth movements make the Watercolor Dynamic template perfect for attracting attention to your product. The right choice for advertising cosmetic studios, massage salons, natural cosmetics, nutritional supplements, or relaxing teas.

#9 Explainer.


Explainer – the jack-of-all-trades! This simple and beautiful video design combines clear colors and powerful graphic elements to create a versatile template that allows you to draw the attention of Facebook users to a variety of different products and services. A template for many occasions

#8 Mobile Game.


Do you offer a great gaming app? Awesome! But you're also competing with over 2 million other apps in the App Store. Turn on an exciting Facebook Video Ad and get the extra attention. With the template Mobile Game you can display the energetic fun of the mobile game and present pictures and characters directly from the gameplay. Pure entertainment

#7 Christmas Gift.


Yes, we admit it. Maybe you're not even remotely thinking about the next Christmas season with the fantastic weather out there, but it’s definitely coming. Wouldn't it be great to wish your audience a Merry Christmas and spread some holiday spirit? Then try out the Christmas Gift template, which comes with playful gingerbread men, candy canes, and full Santa boots. Simply delightful!

#6 Flip.


Are you proud of your product range and want to present it in a video ad? Then this template is just right for you! Flip is perfect to present fashion items like glasses, shoes, caps, and everything else that can be easily mirrored. Dynamic and effective!

#5 Dog.

What the fluff? Big round eyes and silky fur- who can resist? Please don't tell us that you can just scroll past pet content! Benefit from the strong attraction of the cute little animals and draw full attention to your message with the template Dog. Your products and ideas don’t even have to have anything in common with dogs.

#4 Unicolor Scenes.

The Unicolor Scenes template is made for mockups and product dummies. Edit the text, add any scenes, and upload your own music to customize your video ad. Business cards, book covers, or websites can be perfectly staged in this way.

#3 Editorial Scenes.

The template Editorial Scenes has made its way to number 4 in our ranking. Its bold, urban font, and the way the different images are superimposed here, literally scream for attention. Editorial Scenes is just the thing to present different products side by side or to tell a short story. The fast flips will captivate your audience.

#2 Figure Play.


Are you wanting to attract attention in a playful way, but still remain true to a modern look? Then use the template Figure Play to promote your product or service. Always in motion, the template captivates the viewers in a very simple and modern way.

 #1 Liquid Demo.


Lively, dynamic, and full of energy- this is how you could describe the Template Liquid Demo. The template is an excellent way to present your service live in action or to show people who are currently using your product

Why Should You Use Facebook Video Ads?

Video is more important than ever in social marketing in 2019. According to a Facebook report, the platform has more than three billion video views a day. And the trend is rising!

Facebook is energetically focusing on its potential as a video provider, competing with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube for digital streaming television.


If you compare the number of monthly shares on Facebook with YouTube videos, one study found that Facebook videos exceeded YouTube by 478%. Another study proved that native Facebook videos have up to 86% greater reach

But that's not the only reason companies should use Facebook videos. Videos can also help you add personality to your Facebook presence, which is especially important considering the huge amount of information shoved upon us every day.

The shift towards mobile use should not be ignored here either. Experts predict that mobile advertising will account for a quarter of total global advertising spending this year. For this reason, they should always make sure that your Facebook video ad can also be optimally displayed on mobile devices.

The Right Video Style for Every Advertising Message.

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to Facebook video ads. Depending on the characteristics of your product to be advertised, these can be underlined with different effects. Whether playful, straightforward, modern, or fancy, your Facebook Video Ad can easily be designed according to your ideas. 

Here are the most important technical requirements for Facebook Video Ads:

  • Facebook video ad aspect ratio: 9:16 or 16:9.
  • File size of the video: Max. 4 GB.
  • Video length (min.): 1 second.
  • Video length (max.): 240 minutes.
  • Max. text characters: 125 characters.

Do you feel inspired? Then get started.

No matter whether you are looking to build brand awareness, gain new customers, or strengthen customer loyalty, you need social videos that make an impact.

Facebook Video Ads give you the opportunity to put your brand at the centre of a clearly defined target group and to increase reach, engagement, and conversion much more than with many other forms of advertising.

On top of that, Facebook provides you with suitable tools. Nothing can go wrong with a ready-made template, so you should definitely try it out!

If you want to know more about your possibilities in social media advertising, we will be happy to assist you free of charge and without obligation »

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