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Overview of the 5 Most Popular Explainer Video Styles

Mischa Flinspach
Sep 10, 2019

The choice of the right video style is crucial for the success of your project. Get an overview of the five most popular explainer video styles in this article and find your favorite.

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In this article you will learn:

  • The most important information about the five most popular explainer video styles,
  • Example videos for illustration,
  • as well as tips and hints for application areas of the different explainer video styles.

Explainer videos are versatile and effective communication tools. 88% of marketers want to spend more money on video in 2019 than in previous years. A totally understandable decision when you consider that 79% of the respondents were convinced by a video to buy a product.

Explainer videos are deeply rooted in everyday life. 87% of companies now use video as a medium for their purposes. As an entrepreneur or consumer, you inevitably come into regular contact with explainer videos. There’s quite a few styles of explainer video to choose from.

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Depending on the application area and goal of your video, different explainer video styles are suitable. These styles differ in their level of detail, production effort, coloration, and the type of animation.

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In this article, we highlight the five most successful explainer video styles and show corresponding examples.

#1 The explainer video in laying trick or “Whiteboard” style.

The whiteboard explainer video style, also known as the Whiteboard or Scribble style, is the absolute classic of all explainer videos. The basis is a white background. Black and white graphics appear on this background – matching a buzzword from the video’s script. The appearance of the graphics can be done by animated hands or without hands by a simple "plop animation.” Depending upon the explainer video provider, the black-and-white diagrams can contain color accents that match the brand’s corporate identity/branding.

The Whiteboard with hands: Provides a special dynamic.

The whiteboard explainer video style is suitable above all for the reduction of complex circumstances. Graphics appear bit by bit in each scene. This allows the viewer to easily grasp the content of the whiteboard video and develop an appropriate understanding of the presented facts.

The Whiteboard explanainer video style summarized:

  • Also known as Whiteboard or Scribble Video Style.
  • Suitable for simple presentation of complex elements.
  • Graphics are colored black and white – optionally with additional color accent.
  • Graphics are pushed into the picture with animated hands or pop out of nowhere on a white background.

#2 The explainer video in Flat style.

Modern, dynamic, lively: The Flat explainer video style.

The Flat is an explainer video style that is characterized by its flat representation. Spatiality and depth are generated by color gradations, for example within the background. Color gradients and textures are therefore not used. The Flat Explainer Video is a particularly vivid and dynamic way of conveying complex elements.

In principle, the Flat follows a minimalist approach. Illustrations focus on the essential, resulting in a clear and unambiguous visual language. This is supported by a concise use of typography, which plays an expressive role in the Flat explainer video style.

The Flat Explainer Video Style summarized:

  • Flat 2D representation with conscious renunciation of spatiality.
  • Colourful and dynamic presentation of the contents.
  • Clear visual language.
  • Typography as a concise element of the explainer video style.

#3 The explainer video in Graphy style.

The infographic explainer video style, Graphy: Clean, minimalistic, & modern.

The Graphy explainer video style is characterized by its futuristic, modern appearance. The structure of the content is based on fine lines drawn through the video. From these continuous lines, new graphics emerge again and again. At the same time, they form a supporting element for the viewer, which leads the eye of the viewer through the video.

The background is divided into different color gradations. The graphics in the foreground are outline-based, which means that illustrations have no color filling. Font is used strikingly and complements the filigree illustrations. Graphy is an infographic explainer video style that is particularly suitable for presenting facts, diagrams, processes, technical content, and futuristic themes..

The Graphy explainer video style summarized:

  • Outline-based graphics are formed by filigree lines.
  • Expressive font.
  • Clean, minimalist, futuristic.
  • Infographics explainer video style with focus on comprehensibility.

#4 The explainer video in Screen Capture style.

Original screen captures in focus: The Screen Capture explainer video style.

The Screen Capture explainer video style is particularly suitable if original photographs of a digital product are used. This can be the case if the advantages of a software, the intranet of a company, the login process of a tool, or other comparable procedures and functionalities are explained.

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With Screen Capture Explainer Video Style, original screen surfaces are filmed and later supplemented with animation elements during editing. For example, individual areas, such as a login mask, can be highlighted by lighting effects. In addition, the viewer can follow the click path of a certain process much more easily. In addition to the conventional approach, the Screen Capture can also be adapted to a different style. Here, the original screen captures are redrawn in a different explainer video style.

The Screen Capture explainer video style summarized:

  • Original screen shots are filmed.
  • Animation elements decorate the original images.
  • Perfect for displaying and explaining software, apps, or intranet.
  • Combination with other explainer video styles possible.

#5 The explainer video in an individual style.

Creativity has no boundaries: The individual explainer video production.

Explainer videos in individual style are tailored to the client's wishes. As a rule the individual explainer video style development aligns itself with the goal of the video. Depending on which target group is addressed, a conception and development of a suitable explainer video style takes place. This offers the advantage of total customization and creative freedom. The individual style can be partially or fully animated. The graphics are usually created in 2D.

Due to the fact that the style development is adapted to the respective customer, any field of application can be served. This makes the style so successful, because it is ultimately completely oriented to individual needs. There are therefore no limits to the variety of topics.

The individual explainer video style summarized:

  • Unique, individual and tailor-made to the customer's wishes.
  • Flexible in use.
  • No limits to the elaboration.

Explainer video styles – your favorite.

You have now received a multi-faceted overview of the five most popular explainer video styles. At the end of the day, the choice of your favorite is always a subjective decision, depending on your personal taste, the field of application of the explainer video, and the demands of your target group.

In any case, it is worth talking to a professional explainer video provider for the target-oriented and promising selection of a video style. They can give you detailed advice and make concrete suggestions.

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