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scribble video  handdrawn explainer video style

The Scribble Video: A hand-drawn Explainer video style

Mischa Flinspach
Jul 9, 2019

The Scribble video is one of the most popular explainer video styles. In this article, you will learn all about the cost, production time, application areas, and special features of a Scribble video.

In this article you will learn:

  • What distinguishes the Scribble video and which of its features are most important.
  • Information on functionality, fields of application, and costs.

Scribble Video – What's behind it?

The Scribble video is one of the most popular explainer video styles. It is comparable to the Whiteboard video. The main difference lies in the way graphics appear in the video. While in the Whiteboard video, illustrations come from nowhere into the picture or are pushed into the picture by means of an animated hand, the graphics in the Scribble video are drawn quasi live.

Example of a Live-Scribble: The final sequence is eagerly awaited.

The basis for this is a white background on which graphics are gradually drawn to fill the image. The graphics are usually black and white, but they can also have isolated color accents.

How does the Scribble Video work?

The Scribble video works with a kind of illusion and uses an increased animation speed. In addition to the graphics that build up, a live-action hand holding a pen is animated with increased speed, creating the impression that the graphics appearing are drawn in real time. In addition, there is also the option of filming actual live drawings and playing them back later at increased speed.


Scribble Video Technik mit Händen

Real footage hands: Animated with increased speed.

This results in the following sequence of the Scribble Video Animation:

  1. Graphics appear analogous to the animation of the video hand.
  2. The video hand is animated at high speed parallel to the graphic.
  3. The speed of the animation provides a real-time effect.

When is a Scribble video suitable?

The fields of application of the Scribble Video are comparable to the Whiteboard Video. Often, a Whiteboard video is used to illustrate a process, to show a sequence of events, to explain the functionality of a product or service, or to generally simplify.

 Mynd explains the difference: Scribble vs. Whiteboard.

The focus of the Scribble video is on objectivity and creating understanding of a topic. This video style is unlikely to be used for eliciting emotions.

What does a Scribble video cost?

The costs of a Scribble video vary greatly from provider to provider. The disparity in price accompanies enormous differences in quality. Use the following price range as a point of reference.


A Scribble video costs between $900 and $4,000 with a video runtime of 1 minute or more.

The following components affect the price of a Scribble video:

  • The quality of the illustration and the animation.
  • The runtime of the Whiteboard video.
  • The duration of the Whiteboard video production.
  • The number of correction loops within each production phase.
  • Other services such as the expertise of the project manager, advice in advance or support in the course of marketing the Scribble video.

How long does it take to produce a Scribble video?

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the production time of a Scribble video also depends on different components and varies depending on which explainer video provider you choose.

Since the Scribble video is a simpler explainer video style, often called a "beginner explainer video,” you can expect a shorter production time.

Production time:

The production of a Scribble video takes about 15 work days.
The duration can vary depending on individual design and the number of correction loops.

How is a Scribble Video created?

The production process of a Scribble video is comparable to that of other explainer video styles. Basically, an explainer video production is always characterized by the interaction between the explainer video producer and the client.

scribble video project teamThe production team: The development of a Scribble video is done with the help of various experts.

While the explainer video producer provides updates on the current status of the Scribble video, the client expresses the corresponding change requests up to the perfection of the final result.

The creation of a Scribble video is divided into the following production phases:

  1. Briefing – Requirement profile for the Scribble video.
  2. Conception – Creation of the script (narration and visual presentation).
  3. Storyboard – Visualization of the written scenes (sketch-like representation of the later animated scenes).
  4. Animation – Creation of the actual moving image.
  5. Sound design – Mixing of voiceover, background music, and sound effects.

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Why create a Scribble video?

You’ve already acquired extensive knowledge about Scribble Videos. It has become clear that Whiteboard Video is an effective communication tool. But why should you use video in general? The following statistics speak for themselves in this case:

Whether you want to improve your ROI, generate more qualified leads, sell more, or increase your brand awareness, a video will help you achieve your goals.

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