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Explainer Video Prices

Explainer Video Prices: How the Costs Are Composed

Mischa Flinspach
Jul 23, 2019

What is the price of a professional video production? Here you can read the most important information on the subject of explainer video costs and prices.

In this article you will learn:

  • how the price of a professional explainer video production is composed,
  • the extent to which the factors of a video production contribute to the total price, and
  • tips and hints on how to use your budget wisely.

This article is perfect for anyone who:

  • wants to know how the costs of an explainer video are made up,
  • would like to find out about suitable implementation options, and
  • wishes to see the price differences between the different providers.

Are you toying with the idea of producing an explainer video or at least of finding out about the costs of a video production? Then this article is for you! We provide you with the information you need to be able to professionally estimate the price of an explainer video.

How much does an explainer video cost?

Low budget productions
start at approx. €700 ($790).

Entry prices for professional video production are at approx. €3990 ($4505).

Exclusive premium explainer
videos start at approx. €8000 ($9032) and have no fixed upper price limit.

Composition of the Explainer Video Costs

An explainer video production is an individual service, which depends on your desires, needs, and requests; therefore, it is not easy to provide a flat rate price for an “explainer video.” In this article, we want to give you some basic information on the subject of explainer video costs and prices so that you can classify the costs of a production that meets your needs.

Think about your last flight, train ride, mobile phone contract, or electricity bill. You fly, travel by train, make phone calls, and turn on the lights, and yet, almost all readers of this article pay different prices for these seemingly identical services.

Compare the following components:

  • a flight in business class or in economy class
  • a budget ticket booked 10 weeks before departure or a train ticket for next Friday
  • the strength of mobile reception and the amount of data volume
  • the frequency with which you use your light, TV, and laptop at home

The service, which is essentially the same, varies greatly in price, depending on the type of service.

The same applies to the production of an explainer video:

The design options also vary, depending on the form of implementation you decide on.
The following indicators influence the pricing of an explainer video production:

  • Explainer Video Style
  • Number of Correction Loops
  • Duration of the Explainer Video
  • Duration of the Production
  • Scope of the Individual and Personal Support by a Contact Person
  • Creative storytelling
  • Special Features (such as speakers, background music, and sound effects).

We would like to explain the details of the overriding points to you in the following:

Explainer Video Style.

The explainer video style is the graphic starting point of the explainer video production. Depending on the level of detail and the amount of work involved in creating the video, the costs can vary greatly.

Whiteboard explainer video: Facts are clearly and concisely brought to the point.

The beginner's package is usually the Whiteboard, also known as "the explainer video classic”. Graphics appear either by simple "Plopp" animations (diagram comes from nothing into a scene) or are pushed with an animated hand on a white background.

The Whiteboard style with hands: A stylistic device for more dynamics.

Due to the reduced graphic complexity, as well as the minimalistic animation technique, the costs of a Whiteboard production are located here in the lower range of professional explainer video productions. Regardless of this, complex topics can be explained in a simple and understandable way with a Whiteboard explainer video. The clear and concise picture language ensures a perfect understanding of the most diverse facts.

An individual explainer video production: SMP Solar Montage conveys knowledge with an entertaining comic style.

With an increasing degree of individualization of the graphics and an increasing dynamic of the animation, the efforts and costs of the explainer video production also increase. A harmonious color concept, more complex workflows within the animation, and a higher degree of coordination between the explainer video producer and the client increase the time to be invested in the project, as well as the overall duration of the production.

As a result, the outcome is more impressive and visually superior. In addition, the increased dynamics create a more lasting impression for the viewer of the video.

Aviation services: Our Secret Job from BluBlu Studios on Vimeo.

In the area of animation, it is difficult to set a concrete limit to the upper end of the price category. The use of particularly elaborate techniques, the fluidity of the animation, the development of creative story ideas, and the degree of abstraction of an animation are often decisive for different price jumps, especially when it comes to a completely individually developed style for you.

Creative, elegant, and filigree: The animation technique of an Apple video.

Professional explainer video producers offer you the development of individual video styles in addition to their own. These are seen from the explainer video costs to settle over the in-house productions.

This is due to the fact that the components of style development, creative storytelling and the appropriate animation technique, are closely interlocked. This requires a more extensive coordination of all project participants. Changes during the production process have far-reaching consequences.

The high level of detail and the more complex work steps for more complex styles and more dynamic animations have a high influence on the costs of the explainer video.

explainer video styles pricing mynd

Prices of the explainer video styles of Mynd: With unlimited correction loops and 60 seconds running time.

Number of Correction Loops

The number of correction loops is a decisive factor for the composition of the total cost of an explainer video production. This is often fixed in advance for each production phase; in such cases, extra costs are incurred for each additional correction that you require.

Therefore, when checking your quote, make sure that you have unlimited change loops in every production phase or that this number is limited to a certain maximum.

explainer video production mynd feedback loopsA special service from Mynd: Unlimited correction loops in every production phase.

If you are able to make unlimited changes in each production phase until you are 100% satisfied, you’ll enjoy the planning security and won’t be surprised by additional costs.

Duration of the Explainer Video.

The standard running time of an explainer video is usually 1-2 minutes. You may have heard this information before. It stems from the fact that, according to a study by the University of Mannheim, the attention span for watching explainer videos clearly decreases after about two minutes.

In the meantime, the use of explainer videos and their goals has partly changed due to the different uses on different platforms.

platforms and optimal video lengthWhich video length is suitable for which platform?  The runtimes vary depending on the application.

The perfect video length depends on your planned location. Therefore, it makes sense to discuss the goal of your explainer video in the first consultation so that your explainer video provider can optimally plan and give you target-oriented recommendations. In some cases, it is recommended to produce a 15-30 second Instagram version in addition to a standard explainer video of 1-2 minutes.

The perfect video length for every location? Get all the information you need here.

The explainer video price, which is discussed during an inquiry, refers to different explanations depending on the explanatory video provider. In addition, the development of the explainer video price can change drastically with an increase in the video runtime (see graphic below), so always check the offer thoroughly.

Depending on the video style, the costs increase a certain percentage with the duration of the video. The best way to find out about this is to have an initial consultation with your explainer video provider to present you with transparent information.

Duration of the Production

The duration of the explainer video production depends very closely on the video style and the running time of the video. These two components determine the amount of work.

The infographic style Graphy: An in-house video style of Mynd.

At the same time, a possible shortening of the defined production time within the framework of a so-called "speed production" has a decisive influence on the price.

Rabbit Mobile: An explainer video with individual style development (produced by Mynd).

As the duration of the production is a decisive cost factor for the explainer video, you should speak openly to your intended completion date directly in the first conversation with your explainer video provider. This ensures that the offer sent to you includes all your wishes.

Personal Consultation

The personal and professional consultation is the be-all and end-all of an explainer video production. If you inform yourself in the beginning, you will notice which explainer video providers have the necessary experience and know-how to produce an inspiring result for you.

We are Mynd: The Mynd production process explained from A to Z.

During your consultation, pay attention to the following things:

  • Are you really being advised individually, or are you just being handled with empty phrases and numbers?
  • Does the explainer video offerer try to define your goal together with you and compile first solution approaches?
  • Do you receive clear recommendations for further action?
  • Does the provider have a feeling for your concern and concrete ideas for implementation?

The personal consultation should always be free in the first step. Please, bear in mind that if you choose such a provider, the high level of expertise you will encounter again and again during and after production will also be reflected in the total price of the provider and, thus, in the explainer video costs.

In addition to the consulting approach around the topic of video, it is also important that you have a contact person at your side during the explainer video productions. This will guide you through the entire production process and has an extensive knowledge of the topics:

  • Screenplay Conception
  • Style Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Implementation Possibilities in Animation
  • Sound Design. 
  • Video Marketing.

Your contact person advises you in the individual production phases, gives you open and honest feedback, and supports you in every respect so that your explainer video project becomes a complete success.

When reviewing your offer, make sure that the production costs cover one personal contact person for the entire production period.

Find out about the potential of explainer videos without obligation and talk to an expert »

Creative Storytelling.

Many videos seem similar or interchangeable at first glance. The art is to stand out from the crowd through creative storytelling. This requires creative minds who manage to familiarize themselves with a topic and bring it closer to the viewer in an amazingly unconventional way.

Presenting supposedly dry topics vividly: In the "Dupont Tyvek Protec" explainer video by epipheo.

Already in the first conversation with your project team, you will develop a feeling for the extent to which the responsible persons pursue a creative and special approach, or whether you will be handled with a standardized script according to scheme X.

An explainer video only achieves its goal if the story behind it works and reaches your target group, but a portion of storytelling is not easy to buy. Your explainer video producer must have the right storytellers in his ranks, so at the end of the production, you will get a video that you can't get from any other provider.

storytelling potenzialeOnespot offers impressive statistics: Let the power of storytelling convince you.  

Apply storytelling correctly. How to become more successful in Marketing & Co. »

Features of the Explainer Video Production

An explainer video consists not only of the illustrated graphics, which are moved during the animation, but also the video consultants and video producers. The following components also cause costs, which are in any case necessary and justified if they are created under professional conditions.


A professional explainer video is set to music by a professional dubbing artist. Be aware of automatically generated computer voices and the like.

The costs for the speaker of your explainer video can vary greatly. Most providers include a professional speaker from their speaker pool in the total price. Often you are offered the possibility to use a dubbing voice known from Hollywood movies. This has a special recognition effect for your explainer video, but please note the extra costs you will have to pay. At the same time you have to consider that with Hollywood voices, usually a one-year license is acquired, which must be renewed at a predefined price after this period.

German dubbing voice by Bruce Willis: Used here for a cinema spot.

Let your explainer video provider advise you whether the use of such a dubbing voice makes sense for your field of application.

Background Music.

As with the background voice, the standard video packages also include background music including a license. In most cases, your video producer, i.e. your contact person, will recommend a title that fits your needs perfectly.

In addition to the standardized titles, you can also compose individual background music. This is a special service that is not offered by every explainer video producer.

Fresenius' Fred: With an individual background music by Mynd.

Individually composed background music is not part of the regular explainer video production, but has to be ordered at separate costs.

Here, too, it is advisable to clarify the expected positive effects and your planned purposes with your contact person.

Sound Effects.

At the end of the explainer video production, work on the sound design of your video is approaching. Speaker's voice, background music, and sounds are harmoniously coordinated, mixed, and set to match the timing of the video.

Not every explainer video producer offers a sound design at its standard price. Be sure to check this position carefully when comparing offers.

The Scope of the Explainer Video Price.

At this point, you will notice that the production of an explainer video is a multifaceted undertaking with many components. Therefore, it is often difficult to make a general statement about costs and prices. 

To further specify the answer to this question, the article in the next chapter deals with the production steps of an explainer video production. Here you can see which phases you go through and which work steps are carried out, ultimately contributing to the price of an explainer video in their respective scope.

Explainer Video Production in 5 Steps.

The procedure of the explainer video production differs from supplier to supplier and has an effect on the price of the explainer video. Depending on how extensively you as a customer are involved and how detailed your provider is according to your ideas and wishes, the process of a production may vary. 

We recommend that your explainer video supplier covers the following positions in his offer in each case:

  • A fixed contact person for the entire production period.
  • Free advice in the run-up to production.
  • Unlimited correction loops in every production phase.
  • Video marketing advice after production.
  • Professional advice and support in every production phase from concept to sound design.

Below we present the five steps of a professional and promising explainer video production:

1. Briefing.

The briefing forms the basis for the production of your explainer video. After you have been extensively informed about the implementation possibilities in the course of a consultation and have been recommended concrete procedures, the production usually starts with a briefing on your part. This is done by filling out a questionnaire, which asks for the following content details:

  • Which goal do you pursue with your explainer video?
  • The Elevator Pitch: What can and do you do special? What distinguishes you?
  • What tonality do you want for your explainer film?
  • Which locations (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, website, etc.) are you planning?
  • How do you want things organized (languages, corporate identity guidelines, timing)?
  • What are video references that you already like?
  • What is the deadline of the production?

By providing this information, your professional explainer video agency can lay the foundations of the production so that your project will be a complete success!

2. The Concept Idea (Storyline).

Based on the information in the questionnaire, a so-called kick-off meeting will be arranged between you and your project team. This defines the goal of your explainer video and discusses the first content basics and approaches.

The concept comprises the following content components:

  • The narration (the spoken text that accompanies the moving images in the animation)
  • The visual representation described in writing (text indicating which images will be illustrated and animated later)
  • Information about the sound design (e.g. special information about background music or special sound effects)

Your concept is the center of your explainer video. It represents the content basis and is decisive for your later project success. Creative storytelling transports your message to the relevant target group. This makes it all the more important to work together with a creative and professional explainer video provider. He can advise you from the very beginning in a target-oriented and purposeful way with regard to the form of implementation that suits you best.

2.1 The Style Finding and the Scribble Storyboard.

In order for your explainer video to have a coherent overall impression, the illustrated video style must match the concept. A moodboard is suitable for presenting the ideas for visual implementation. The moodboard contains various reference graphics, which usually follow a comparable visual idea.

erklaervideo moodboardThe Moodboarrd: Created on the basis of the concept.

Your personal favorite video style is discussed by means of the moodboard. Design professionals and video producers from your project team can give you comprehensive and professional advice. Once your video style has been defined, the individual scenes from the concept of your video are illustrated in scribble style (see graphic example below).

erklaervideo scribblesThe Scribble graphic: First sketches of the storyboard.

The color world of your explainer video is determined by taking into account the colors of your corporate identity. After you have discussed the scribbled scenes with your project manager (the video producer mentioned above), the final artwork of the storyboard begins after your approval.

3. The Storyboard (Final Artwork).

The final artwork is the graphic design of the scribble scenes. The illustrations are colored and prepared for the upcoming animation so that all relevant levels can be moved. Here is where the "vectorization" of the graphic elements are discussed.

erklaervideo storyboardThe Scribble graphic becomes the Storyboard: Here in its final form.

The final storyboard gives you an insight into the following details:

  • Perspective
  • scene transitions
  • close-ups and zooms
  • detail of the scenes

You can imagine the storyboard a bit like a reduced flipbook. Here you get a very good feeling for what awaits you in the later animation.

4. The Explainer Video Animation.

The illustrations come to life in the animation. Here the previously illustrated graphics are in motion. The dynamics of the explainer video are mainly determined by the speed of the speaker's text. The animation gets its character from different stylistic features and different techniques.

The final storyboard is finally animated. Here is the German-speaking  explainer video "Drugs of Tomorrow" by Takeda (produced by Mynd).

The following characteristics give the animation that special something:

  • zooms
  • high-contrast use of brightness
  • use of filters
  • animated textures
  • playing with sharpness / blurriness
  • transitions

The designer of your project team pays special attention to an artistically flawless design and a harmonious overall picture of your explainer video. A professional explainer video production team makes clear recommendations regarding the implementation and always sets the highest quality standards for the professional end result of your video.

5. Das Sound Design.

Your explainer video is rounded off with the sound design. Here your video production gets the final touch. Speaker, music, and sound effects are harmoniously coordinated. A professional explainer video supplier raises the quality of your video by the sound design again on a higher level.

Sound design does not mean to put isolated "whoosh" or "plop" sounds under the speaker track.

An explainer video that lives from sound design: Genuine German-Grown Hops. (produced by Mynd).

The selection and use of the effects must match the video. A high-quality sound design is created by a sound designer in a studio. If you show your video over loudspeakers in a conference room or in a hall at a larger event, a professional sound design will be noticeable.

Further exciting information on the subject of explainer video can be found in the "Explainer Video Guide »

Advice During the Explainer Video Production.

The success of your explainer video depends on the expertise and experience of the production team. Therefore, it is indispensable that you rely on the know-how of video experts for a high-quality video result. Of course, a professional and high-quality consultation also has an influence on the explainer video costs.

Always keep in mind that an explainer video production is a service produced by people whose basis is creativity and professional know-how.

Therefore, choose a partner who will fully advise you before, during, and after the production.

Explainer Video Provider.

At this point, you can claim to have an extensive level of knowledge on the subject of explainer video production. You now know all facets of the composition of the explainer video costs, production phases, and their expenditures. You know these have an influence on the price of the explainer video, as well as individual characteristics, causing additional costs that many not be included with each offerer in the standard price.

Video as a Medium for Conversions: 5 Tips on How to Sell More With Video.

Now the question arises as to which explainer video provider to choose, satisfying you in every respect with its range of services. We recommend that you compare different providers and make use of the consulting service. This will give you a first impression and enable you to classify the consulting service directly and professionally on the basis of the new knowledge you have acquired in this article.

When searching for "explainer video providers" you will find online offers and providers with different price ranges. From "free trial" and "€999" over productions starting from -€3.990- the selection is wide. 

You know all the details, services, and achievements that are part of a professional explanatory video production. Pay attention to which supplier covers which components in his explainer video costs and prices.

Click here for an overview of prices for various explainer video styles »

Your Explainer Video Production Can Begin.

You now have the knowledge to decide which explainer video price is realistic to create a professional explainer video. If you want to invest your time wisely, contacting the vendors you trust will achieve your goal.

The selection is large as are the differences between the providers. We wish you much success in comparing and finding the right partner for you. Let us advise you in the first step, free of charge and without obligation »

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