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2019 Super Bowl Commercials – These brands are featured!

Chantal Niggenaber
Jan 31, 2019

The 53rd Super Bowl, the final game of the NFL, will take place in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3rd. For marketers, the game doubles as one of the best advertising platforms available. We’ll tell you which companies will be making an appearance this year.

According to estimates, more than 800 million viewers are expected worldwide when the New England Patriots meet the Los Angeles Rams next Sunday. In addition to the legendary halftime show, the commercials are already eagerly anticipated.

Whoever secures a place in this world-class platform for TV advertising needs a strong creative team behind him who can perfectly master the art of storytelling. In addition to the use of prominent testimonials, elaborate animations and special effects are sometimes used.

We introduce you to the teasers that have been released in anticipation of the final Super Bowl slots.  

Jazz singer Michael Bublé is ironically promoting Pepsi's sparkling water Bubly.

Boy Band meets Rapper: As a multi-part teaser series, the brand Doritos advertises with an entertaining genre Clash.

m&m's Lock Game: US actress Christina Applegate is locked out.

The popular beer brand Budweiser displays a clear message for sustainability with April the Dalmatian.

Killer Skin: The skincare brand Olay relies on Scream star Sarah Michelle Galler for its creepy triller.

The South Korean car manufacturer Kia is foregoing expensive celebrity commitments and is instead investing its money in a scholarship program.

""Okurrr": The expression of the world-famous rapper became a viral hype from which Pepsi's Super Bowl Ad now also benefits.

 In a 12-part series, US mobile provider Verizon tells why NFL stars owe their lives to a phone call.

The Close Talker: Actor Luke Wilson advertises Colgate toothpaste while walking backward to get up close and personal.

#InHerCourt: The American dating app Bumble encourages women to become more confident with the encouragement of professional tennis player Serena Williams.

DEVOUR Food Porn: The frozen food brand documents the everyday life of an addict in a dramatic way.

A Coke is a Coke:  As an attitude campaign for unity & justice, Coca Cola broadcasts its slot in front of the national anthem for the first time.

Big Lebowski with Carry Bradshaw: Stella Artois' Super Bowl commercial brings together two character actors who reject your signature drink.

Clever and pointed dialogues, heartwarming depictions, and sometimes-political statements determine the direction the commercials take. In past years, the Super Bowl was regarded as a worldwide mouthpiece by which companies could clearly position themselves as a brand.

In short: Here, the tendency to exaggerate is shown in an American manner. Measurements are made in superlatives. Recognition is given to those who are capable of entertaining and emotionally touching the audience. And not only in the stadium, but also in front of the home screens. 

One of the most successful Super Bowl commercials to date is "The Force" by Volkswagen, which has been shared over 5 million times on social networks. Unusual at that time: The campaign was already broadcast 4 days before the Super Bowl.

Tim Ellis, Marketing Director of Volkswagen North America at the time, insisted that the VW commercial be broadcast in advance, as the company had only purchased 30 seconds for the Super Bowl, but considered the 60-second version to be more convincing.

What does a Super Bowl Commercial cost?

In recent years, advertising costs have risen to dizzying heights. Last year, a 30-second commercial cost an average of around USD 5 million, not including production costs.

I'ts obvious: The average cost of a 30-second commercial in the Super Bowl final on US TV has more than doubled since the beginning.

These enormous sums show that the Super Bowl is reserved for big players as an advertising platform, as a glance at the Super Bowl commercials of recent years shows. 

However, the commercials serve as a perfect source of inspiration for your own video concept.

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