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Whiteboard Explainer Video: The popular Style

Mischa Flinspach
Aug 23, 2019

The whiteboard video is the classic among explainer videos. With the laying trick technique, it captivates by its clear and unambiguous picture language and offers enthusiasm to each target group. Read here everything about costs and production time.

In this article you will learn:

  • Prices, production time, and fields of application for the whiteboard video,
  • and video examples that will inspire you.

This article is perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants to get educated about a whiteboard explainer video without obligation
  • Is considering producing a whiteboard video.

The Whiteboard Style: The Explainer Video Pioneer.

The Whiteboard Video, also known as the Laying Trick or Scribble Video, is a classic, traditional style among the explainer videos. It’s generally the base package of many explainer video providers. The Whiteboard video is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • Black and white graphics appear on a white background.
  • Simple animation technique with a focus on the essentials.
  • Shorter production time than individual video productions.
  • Can be implemented with a smaller video budget.

The whiteboard video can be seen as a basic concept of an explainer video style, while the laying trick, the laying technique, and the scribble style are basically characteristics of the whiteboard video. The terms are often blurred, which is also due to the fact that the styles are very similar and sometimes interpreted differently from supplier to supplier.

How do short attacks work? Getting to the point with the whiteboard explainer video.

Whiteboard videos can be designed in the following forms:

  • Laying technique: Graphics pop on a white background.
  • Whiteboard with hands: Graphics are pushed into the picture by animated hands.
  • Scribble Video Style: Graphics are drawn live or appear analogous to an animated hand with pen. The animation speed ensures that a live drawing is suggested.

The Whiteboard Style with hands: Graphics are pushed into the picture by animated hand. (German Video produced by Mynd)

Illustrations of the whiteboard video are usually black and white, but in some cases they are also accented with color in order to highlight certain areas of the graphics.

Whiteboard video costs..

Due to its simple animation technique, the whiteboard video can be classified in the lower price range of explainer video styles. Depending on which explainer video provider you choose, the costs can vary greatly. In general, you can assume the following price guidelines:

A whiteboard video costs between $1,000-$4,500 with a video runtime of 1 minute or more.

If you compare different whiteboard video prices, pay attention to the following factors to be able to compare the costs more accurately:

  • Quality and professionalism of the illustration and animation.
  • The video runtime of the whiteboard video.
  • The production time.
  • The number of feedback loops available at each stage of production.
  • Additional services such as the know-how of your video producer, the initial consultation, or the marketing offer of the video.

How long does the whiteboard video production take?

The production time varies according to price and explainer video provider. In addition, your ideas regarding the illustration and animation and the necessary number of feedback loops play a decisive role. All in all, the following time frame can be calculated:

The production of a whiteboard video takes about 15 working days.

The Whiteboard technique briefly explained

The technique is characterized by the fact that graphics are pushed or laid into the picture, by animated hand or without. This is done by filling the image so that a scene is gradually created based on key words and graphics. 

A typical scene could be constructed as follows:

  1. This is Tom (character Tom appears in the picture).
  2. Tom has an idea (a light bulb pops up over Tom's head).
  3. And for his idea, he already has a business partner (another character with a briefcase appears next to Tom).

The whiteboard video offers the viewer the advantage of being able to follow the depicted content easily and clearly. Thus, with an appealing script, the result is a perfect interplay between the narration and graphics.

When you should use a whiteboard video.

The Whiteboard Video clearly focuses on the essentials. Functionality, explanations, and objectivity are in the foreground, while the eliciting of emotionality is better-achieved with more dynamic explainer video styles.

The following fields of application are particularly suitable for the production of a whiteboard video:

  • Explanation of a process.
  • Explanation of the functionality of a product or service.
  • Reduction of complexity.

Unimagined potential through the use of video.

Video has been an up-and-coming communication tool for years. There is almost no way around the production of your own explainer video. Whether for placement on your website, for use at a trade show, or in the course of a customer presentation, videos are excellently-suited to inspire and convince people, as the following figures impressively prove:

Video is on the advance, which brings apart from the fantastic chances for your enterprise also a new competition situation with itself, since you are surely not the or the only one, which jumps on this course or perhaps already jumped on. This makes it all the more important to differentiate yourself from the competition through creative storytelling and lasting messages.

How to make your whiteboard video successful.

The next step on the way to your own whiteboard video is the question of which explainer video provider is right for you.

After reading this article, maybe you've reached the point where you’d like to talk to an expert and learn more about the potential and applications of whiteboard videos.

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