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Create the Perfect Product Video: How It Works


Author: Liesa Wieruch

27. August 2019

Hardly any other medium can convince potential customers of a purchase faster than a product video. But how much does a product video cost? How long does it take to produce? Which areas of application are suitable? Read the answers here!

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In this article you will learn:

  • a way to create the perfect product video,
  • as well as all information on prices, duration of production, and areas of application.

This article is perfect for those who are:

  • looking for a decision basis for a product video production
  • and would like to receive all necessary, transparent information in a few minutes.

Product Videos: An Overview.

Let’s go ahead and give you all the relevant information you need to create a professional product video now:


Product videos are, as the name suggests, a certain form of video production. They can be animated or real, but what they all have in common is their purpose. Product videos have the task of explaining the functionality of a product in an understandable way, clearly highlighting the benefits of the product. Videos can make this clear by demonstrating application examples. In this way (potential) customers understand the product better, and their interest is aroused.

Regardless of your individual product, added value and benefit must be given for the potential target group and it must be absolutely understandable.

Product Video Costs.

The costs of a product video can vary greatly depending on the explainer video provider and the scope of production. When a product video is created by a professional video agency, the costs are within the following price range:


The price of a professional product video starts at approx. $4,460 for a running time of 1 minute or more.

Since your product is unique and fits exactly to your target group, the design of the product video and the price can vary.

Production Time.

The production time of a product video depends on several factors, such as the video length, the desired quality of the final result, your chosen explainer video provider, and the number of feedback loops available.

Production time:

The production time of a professional product video is at least 3 weeks.

The production time also depends on the desired video runtime. How long do you have in mind? Where would you like to use your video?

Read all about the perfect video length for every location here »

Fields of Application of a Product Video.

Should your product video be used for entertainment and relaxation? Does it serve as a visual consultant? Does it act as a strong branding tool? The application areas of product videos are very versatile.

The following areas of application are particularly suitable for creating a professional product video:

Product Launch.

  • What? Counterpart to the image film.
  • How? Innovative and spectacular: presentation of the brand and focus on new product.
  • Why? Arouse interest, increasing conversion rate and winning new customers.

Online Shop.

  • What? Description video.
  • How? Detailed views combined with original screen shots with product in use.
  • Why? Facilitates purchase decision through extensive information (understand product in context), more orders, decreasing return rate, improved SEO performance.

Point of Sale (POS).

  • What? Virtual consultant.
  • How? Informative and conspicuous: Responding to customer enquiries.
  • Why? Encourages purchase.

Business Meeting.

  • What? Sales video.
  • How? Emphasizes the quintessence of the product (features & added value) with exciting and lively presentation.
  • Why? Attract potential customers, partners, and investors.

Social Media.

  • What? Viral product video.
  • How? Likeable and shareable using the power of the collective in social media.
  • Why? Stronger customer loyalty, image polishing/changing.

Trade Fair.

  • What? Trade fair film.
  • How? Precise insight into the company, silent entertainment, and visual perfection.
  • Why? Generate attention, promote dialogue with trade fair visitors, and stand out from the competition.

Product videos are a convincing marketing tool and can be used successfully in B2C as well as in B2B. The different explanation video offerers are specialized here on different operational areas or cover a particularly broad spectrum at product video conversion possibilities.

Product Videos: These Figures Speak Volumes.

The online retail business is growing inexorably. In 2018, online retailing earned 2,842 trillion US dollars worldwide. By 2021 the number is expected to grow to 4,878 trillion US dollars. That's enormous! Interestingly, 78% of customers first find information online before they even buy anything in a store. In addition, Internet users jump from one platform to the next and use various media to obtain information.

72% of website visitors prefer videos to inform themselves about a product. In fact, 64% of customers said they were very likely to buy a product after watching a video.

These statistics clearly show that consumer buying behavior and research practices have changed significantly.

This is where product videos come into play, providing potential customers with the answers they need at an early stage of information gathering while at the same time encouraging them to make a purchase.

Different Product Video Approaches as Inspiration.

There are enough commercials that are beautifully animated and contain countless effects. But unfortunately they often don't say anything clear, and in the end, the customer is no more informed as before. You are actually wasting your budget with such failures.

But that won't happen to you because you know one thing for sure- the success of videos ultimately depends on good content. So show your customers what they are interested in!

Hubspot most successfull video formats

Hubspot has researched it- these videos are the most popular to watch.

#1 Highlight Product Features.

Let's assume you want to present product features or technical data to your customer. If you simply enumerate these, it can quickly become monotonous for your counterpart because either the flood of information does not stop or the customer benefit is not tangible.

The Harvard Business Review magazine has a clear opinion about this: "To keep your customers, keep it simple."

Do you have an online shop and want to produce a short clip for each of your videos with little effort and a small budget? Then contact one of the numerous production companies that create animated explainer videos for you. All you need are:
1. product photos
2. a product description

#2 Products in Use.

"How-To” and DIY content are booming. “How-To" related video search queries on YouTube alone grew by 70% year after year, and in North America alone, users have watched more than 100 million hours of "How-To" content since 2015.

That's why application-oriented product videos are so popular. Consumers want to know, in detail, how a product works. In this way, they can better assess whether the product is an enrichment for their needs. If so, it is usually purchased. In order to present the application of products optimally, real films are usually produced.

FIBE one shows how your product works in a successful real film. First, the remote control on the steering wheel is explained, supported by inserted text modules for a better understanding. Then, it follows the instructions for self-assembly of FIBE one in just a few steps. In a video of just 59 seconds, the company has put together everything worth knowing about its product. This is amazing and absolutely effective!

FIBE one shows how you can use your mobile phone safely when cycling with its product.


First and foremost, the content of a video is important. Of course, good quality is at least as important. To create a decent video, there are two simple things to keep in mind:

1. Use a tripod to avoid camera shake.
2. Film in daylight and not against sunlight or any other light source in order to see the product clearly.

#3 Personal Testimonials.

Testimonials have the highest effectiveness rate in content marketing. This is 82%. 92% of online shoppers virtually shy away from pressing the buy button if the product does not have enough recommendations.

So why not have a person advertise your product!

Pantene Pro V gets support from the well-known presenter Ellie Goulding.

Musician Ellie Goulding presents the conditioner of Pantene Pro V.

Using celebrities as brand ambassadors is a popular approach by advertising experts. People of the general public often enjoy a special credibility.

Of course, it doesn't always have to be celebrities or experts from the industry. They can be people like you and me. Depending on the field of application, this can appear more honest and authentic.

Testimonial Video Microsoft: That`s how it works.


The trick is brevity! Videos with a length of 1-2 minutes are optimal. If you are over time, turn one video into several small videos on specific topics (e.g. Video 1: Product in use; Video 2: Technical data; Video 3: Structure & assembly; Video 4: Maintenance etc.).

#4 Augmented Reality (AR).

AR is a novelty in the marketing world, but you should definitely learn about it and make use of it.

40% of shoppers stated that they would like to have AR, gaining more trust in an online retailer. The Drums report reveals more fascinating figures. AR can hold users' attention for over 85 seconds, increasing the interaction rate by 20% and the click-through rate by 33%.

IKEA shows a wittily inspired AR approach. With their app, IKEA fans can make furniture appear in their homes and try out how best to arrange it. This simplifies the purchase decision enormously and the use of the app is fun for the user through playful ease.

Selecting furniture and testing it in your home: The IKEA App makes it possible!

Create Your Product Video Now!

According to Hubspot, 90% of users find product videos helpful when making purchasing decisions. Just mentioning the word "video" in one of your email subject lines can increase opening rates by 19% and click rates by 65%.

So add "video" to your vocabulary and take your marketing ambitions to the next level. We hope our introduction to the world of product videos will give you enough inspiration to brainstorm and create your own great video productions.

Take the opportunity to get a free and non-binding price estimate for your individual product video request here »

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