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More applicants with Recruiting Videos

More applicants with Recruiting Videos – That's how it works

Liesa Wieruch
Feb 13, 2019

Expensive job advertisements and growing competition: the fight for the best applicants is all about attention and conveying a positive feeling. Our article shows how recruiting videos can help.

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In this article you will learn...

  • how the use of videos in recruiting helps you to find ideal employees for your company,
  • how clever video marketing can boost your company branding,
  • and why videos help you not only reach more job seekers, but also find the right applicants.

Successful recruiting video from HubSpot.

Question: How quickly can you fill open positions in your company?

It now takes an average of 52 days to find a suitable candidate for an open position. This costs money because the recruiting process is expensive, and as long as a position remains vacant, that desk space remains empty, potentially leading to major losses for the company. 

The goal of a company is, of course, to fill a position as quickly as possible.

Choosing the right candidate can be a tedious process. After all, not only do the qualifications have to be right, but the candidate should also match the company's values, standards, and attitude. This “cultural fit” is essential for a healthy workplace environment.

But until the ideal employee is found, many frogs usually have to be kissed. Sometimes the qualifications are not right, and sometimes the applicant simply does not fit the company. And so the application process continues to drag on.

That doesn’t have to be the case. This is where a recruiting video comes into play.
More than 50 percent of the companies that used a recruiting or employer branding video found that their recruiting process became significantly shorter. In addition, they found that the cost of personnel marketing was reduced. 

An apprenticeship at Starbucks? This recruitment video is intended to attract more applicants. 

But how exactly can a recruiting video support a company in the recruiting process? Why does it work so well? Here are five tips on how a recruiting video can support your hiring process.

#1 With a Recruiting Video, you can present your company authentically.

A Recruiting Video offers a more accurate and intimate representation of the company and enables you to better present your values and corporate culture to the applicants and thus control your own image.

With an employer branding video, it is possible to present the corporate culture and office atmosphere in a way that would not be possible in job advertisements with words and static images.

Applicants gain a deeper insight into the structure and culture of the company and, in the best case scenario, can already assess whether the corporate culture matches their own values and attitude. This saves valuable time in the recruiting process because only candidates who recognize a fit with the company culture will apply.

The online job platform Stepstone has been using recruiting videos since September 2018, which companies have the option to include in their job advertisements. 

Success with a recruiting video: Shopify.

Recruiting films are an interesting way to communicate a company's brand message. You can also use a recruiting video to explain to your potential applicants the job details and relevant perks in more detail and thus create incentives to apply.

When interested candidates visit your career website, they are looking for ways to learn more about your company. They try to find out what it's like to work for your company. A recruiting video is the best way to show them.

Present your corporate culture, cite employee references, give insights into everyday tasks, or show your beautiful work spaces. The authentic presentation of a company's working style addresses the right candidate for the company and effectively establishes the connection between the applicant and the new potential employer.

#2 With a recruiting film, you will reach more people.

A recruiting video can be placed in a variety of places beyond your own website. 

Applicants need to initially learn that a company has open positions. Since most job searches start online, a successful campaign requires that your job ad be clearly visible.

You can book ads for this, but these can be expensive. You can achieve similar and even better results by optimizing your recruiting content. Here, a video can become the recruiter's best friend because videos can be distributed so well on social media channels.

#3 With the use of videos, you become more visible via Google.

Google loves videos. And since the organic visibility of your own website is still one of the most important traffic drivers, a good Google ranking is of enormous importance.

Part of Google's search ranking algorithm takes into account the time visitors spend on your site. This means that the longer visitors stay on your site, the better your ranking. According to a Forbes survey, the use of videos increases your visitors’ stay by as much as 88 percent.

And what do you think this means for your ranking and the visibility of your company among potential applicants?  

Make sure that your video is seen by your target group. Read here how to optimize your video quickly and easily to get more YouTube views.

A modern recruiting video: "Easy Integration,” explained by Mynd.

#4 videos are especially popular with the new generation of talent.

The future doesn't sleep in recruiting, either. Therefore, searching for and finding young talent should definitely be part of your recruitment strategy. Otherwise, you will fall behind other companies.

These candidates are technically savvy and often visionary, intrinsically-motivated individuals who drive growth and innovation – but only when you attract their attention. Research on Millennials shows that 54% visit YouTube every day. Combine that with the fact that 100 million hours of video content is viewed on Facebook every day and that Instagram has more users than Twitter among 16-44 year olds, and no one can deny that social media and video recruitment are the best ways to attract generation Y and Z.

In a few years, millennials will account for almost half of the workforce. By 2030, they will make up 75 percent. This means that recruiting efforts should inevitably focus on this generation. But for this to happen, the old and traditional recruiting styles must be replaced by modern alternatives such as the use of video.

The use of videos is also becoming increasingly important on job networks. Read here how video can help you make a breakthrough on LinkedIn.

Company Culture clearly visualized: Recruiting Video from Zappos.

#5 Mobile use is growing: Videos also work on small screens.

The use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is becoming more and more popular. This trend can also be observed in job searches, as the Google study "Our mobile Planet Germany" discovered. According to this study, 14 percent of mobile users have used Google to search for jobs, and the trend is increasing.

Companies have to adapt to this trend because mobile surfers prefer content that is adapted to their respective device. Nobody wants to read through long texts on a 4-inch display or zoom into infinity with their fingers.

Employer branding videos are particularly suitable. Applicants can conveniently view interesting video content on the move, and thus become familiar with the company in a convenient way.

Would you like to use recruiting or employer branding videos for your company in the future?

The first step toward creating your own video is a non-binding consultation with a company that specializes in the creation of recruiting videos. This allows you to easily and simply discuss which video format is the right one to achieve your goal and thus address the ideal applicants who fit your company culture.

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