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14 Easy Ways to Successfully Promote Your Image Film

Liesa Huppertz
May 7, 2019

You have finally published your new image film and now you’re ready to bring it to the people on a larger scale. We will show you 14 simple and creative ways to successfully market your image film.

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14 Easy Ways to Successfully Promote Your Image Film

Producing a good video requires talent, time, and resources. Whether you're creating your corporate video in-house or working with a professional agency, with the right strategy and the right people at your fingertips, you can achieve excellent results.

Unfortunately, the greatest video will not be successful if nobody sees it. In addition to strategy and production, your image film is based on a third pillar: the promotion.

You may achieve positive results marketing your blog articles, but distributing videos requires more strategy. Many companies routinely share their videos on their website and YouTube channel- a good and necessary first step. However, this is not enough to generate large audiences.

We know that the results are worth the effort. Including a video on your landing page increases conversion rate by 80%! When it comes to social media, videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

These examples show how much a strategic distribution of your video can be worthwhile. 

There are many creative ways to make your image film a success. Below are 14 ways to market your video.

#1 Email Marketing Campaign

Combining video and email together is how it should always be. Email has an ROI of $41. An embedded video in the email increases the click-through rate by an amazing 96%! Just mentioning the word "video" in your subject line is enough to increase the opening rate by 19%.

Integrating your image film into your usual marketing emails is an effective and free way to redistribute your video.

Through automation, you can further refine this process by using an autoresponder that automatically sends an email after a specified number of days.

#2 Optimize Video SEO.

No matter where you publish your video, there are a number of ways you can optimize it according to your location and goals.

A well indexed video will help improve your conversion rate and sell more.

The following steps will improve your video SEO:

  • Perform a keyword analysis and include it in the title and description of your video.
  • Present your company and offer added value to your viewers with your video so that they are more likely to share it.
  • Add interactive elements and call-to-action to your video.
  • Include a transcript of your video. This gives search engines a better idea of what your video is about and allows them to index it better.

You can find more links to optimize your video here:

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  • The Optimal Video Formats for the 7 Most Important Social Media Platforms »

If you follow these recommendations for video optimization, you will support the organic ranking and increase the number of clicks on your image film.

#3 Playing at an Event.

Speaking at an industry conference or similar event doesn't have to be lengthy or tedious. Before your listeners give their attention to their smartphones, integrate your image film into your presentation and let moving images do all the work.

The numbers speak for themselves. Our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than written information. Using videos as storytelling tools keep your audience's attention.

Storytelling has even more advantages. We remember information 22 times better when it is embedded in a story. By linking knowledge to emotions, more parts of our brain are activated.

Give yourself a break from presenting and provide your audience with a new medium that stimulates their attention.

Videos are also used at the marketing conference dmexco to loosen up long interviews.


#4 Networking on Video Platforms.

If you watch your YouTube or Vimeo channel and notice that you don't have any contacts and networks on this platform, you should ideally change something about it.

One of the best places to market your movie is the video platform itself, using like-minded video creators. Building a network is time-consuming but worthwhile in the long run.

Watch videos from other companies in your industry, comment and share, and you’ll begin to build contacts. You'll quickly notice that these accounts will begin to view and comment on your videos and eventually share them with their own network.

You'll boost your click-throughs, become part of a dedicated online community, and gain creative inspiration for your next video projects.

#5 Link in Email Signature.

We all send and receive dozens of emails every day. Why not use your email signature to passively promote your video? Simply navigate to the settings of your email program and add a link under your contact information that encourages your readers to click.

This strategy is especially worthwhile for companies with many employees: If every employee links your image film in his or her signature, the effectiveness of this method increases exponentially.

#6 Finding Partners for Distribution.

The power of the masses: Similar to your employees and the email signature, you can invite other people to share your video. This means anyone who has a friendly and non-competitive relationship with your company can share your video.

This method is very popular with podcast producers who bring well-known guests to their show, multiplying the audience of both sides.

Other relevant contacts, such as friends and acquaintances, can also help distribute your video, ensuring that it is viewed by an even wider audience.

#7 Post Directly to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has made a big leap in the direction of video. Since September 2017, all LinkedIn accounts have had the opportunity to post videos directly (native) on the platform. This means that the market is not yet saturated, giving your image film a good chance to be viewed.

Hubspot showing the way: Posting videos directly on LinkedIn supports your reach on the platform immensely.

As with email signatures, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to multiply the reach of your video if your employees and colleagues also share the video through their accounts.

#8 Publications & Bloggers.

Each industry has online publications and independent bloggers who create and share creative content for the appropriate niche, and they're always looking for new content, especially when they don't have to create it themselves. Contact these well-known publications of your niche and ask them to embed your video. It’s a great way to multiply your video's clicks and accurately reach your audience.

If you don't know many publications, just type your topic into the search engine and see which platform already shares similar content. Contact them and ask if they will share a similar article that their audience might like. The BuzzSumo tool is particularly suitable for finding publications that match certain keywords.

With BuzzSumo you can find the content with the most interactions to your keyword.

Let's say you sell kitchen machines and accessories. If you have created a series of cooking videos preparing popular recipes using your products, you can contact food bloggers who have a similar audience to you. Tell them about your project and why your video could add value. Worst case scenario, you won't get an answer, but there’s a chance they'll write about you and post your video on their blog.

Especially when contacting bloggers, you should always take the time to personalize your message as much as possible. Take a good look at the person and consider why you want to work with them, increasing the chances of a positive response.

#9 LinkedIn Publishing.

This option is particularly worthwhile in the B2B area. LinkedIn makes it extremely easy to publish blog-like content on the platform, called LinkedIn Publishing.

linkedin publishing

By embedding your video in the broader context of a LinkedIn article, it gains reach.

You can create headlines, insert text and images, and embed videos. If your content is particularly well ranked, you could even get featured.

#10 Fix as Top Tweet.

Sharing your video on Twitter is beneficial. Compared to any other digital platform, Twitter videos are best recognized and most effectively increase your emotional connection to the company.

If you're on Twitter, you know how quickly a post gets lost in the flood of constantly arriving tweets. The success of a tweet multiplies when it is fixed at the top as a pinned tweet, shown in the following graphic by Buffer:


Tweets fixed at the top of the profile achieve 10x more conversions than normal tweets. (Source: Buffer)


#11 Optimize Thumbnail.

Investing enough time in the creation of an optimized thumbnail is worthwhile. Often an appealing preview image decides on the click of the user. They act like captivating headlines that encourage the visitor to read an article.

Und so haben 90% der erfolgreichsten YouTube-Videos ein individuelles Thumbnail, welches die Interaktionen der Zuschauer um bis zu 154% steigert!

A perfect thumbnail includes:

  • meaningful text elements that contain no more than 6 words,.
  • high-contrast colors.
  • friendly or expressive faces that may make eye contact with the viewer, and.
  • different sizes for varying screens.

Neil Patel uses informative, short, and easy to read text for his thumbnails. 


#12 AdWords & Facebook Ads.

If your image film is aimed at a specific audience that already has buying intentions, targeted advertising campaigns can help you achieve them effectively. AdWords and Facebook ads are ideal for this purpose.

Both AdWords and Facebook Ads give you the ability to specifically narrow down your audience, ensuring you reach exactly the people you want to reach.

Your ad will then link to a landing page designed precisely for that purpose and targeted at your audience, guiding your users purposefully through your sales funnel.


Rebump presents its e-mail automation software in an informative way by means of a video on its landing page.

On the landing page, you embed your video using either YouTube or Vimeo, or you use a hosting provider like Wistia. No matter which service you use, take advantage of the opportunity to analyze viewer behavior and make any necessary adjustments.

#13 Clips for Social Media.

After you have published your image film on your usual channels, you can use quotations and image excerpts to generate attention and capture interesting content from the video.

Vidyard also uses excerpts and quotations from interviews to draw attention to his content.

If you combine your excerpt with a link service like, you can direct your users to your website to see the whole video. This way you can also track and analyse the click behavior of your visitors.

#14 Embedding on Question-Answer Platform.

As a well-read online marketer, you know that you score most by creating informative content that adds value to your audience. If your image film answers questions a customer might ask and shows them a solution to their problem, then Quora is a great place to share your video. Quora is a "question search engine" where users ask questions and experts give answers. 


On platforms like Quora, you can post your video, where applicable, in response to users' questions.

How to proceed:

  • Visit the platform of your choice and create an account.
  • Navigate to the search bar and enter a question that answers your video.
  • If you find a suitable question, write an informative answer and then embed your video.
  • That's it! If you're looking for inspiration for more content, you can use the “Related Questions” section as a source of inspiration.

The Successful Marketing of Your Image Film: Get Started!

Videos are conquering the Internet and will soon make up the vast majority of all online traffic. The number of competing videos is steadily increasing, but there are also more and more refined ways to market your image film effectively.

It doesn't matter whether you optimize your video SEO, concentrate on a certain platform like LinkedIn, or try out several of the ways we listed- we wish you success in promoting your image film!

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