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Your Breakthrough on LinkedIn: More Success Thanks to Videos

Viola Schweizer
Mar 26, 2019

Hoping to stand out from the huge mass of LinkedIn profiles? We will show you how you can improve your job opportunities, strengthen your network, and receive more recognition as a company by integrating videos.

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Why LinkedIn?

Why videos?

Video ideas for your profile.

Instructions for embedding in your profile.

Great examples.


LinkedIn – On the road to success thanks to networking.

You just have to be in the right place at the right time—or so they say. But how about working toward your own happiness?

The key phrase: career platform.

Here people can meet, exchange ideas, and inspire each other. 

Short and sweet: This video sums up the advantages of the career platform LinkedIn.

The international career platform LinkedIn is on an expansion course. By December 2017, the professional network had a proud 11 million members in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, overtaking its long-standing competitor Xing. This is remarkable when you consider that the number of users in October 2016 was still 9 million. With more than 546 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has developed into a serious social media player.

Parallel to the number of users, interactions are also skyrocketing. Last year alone, the network recorded a 20 percent increase in the length of stay and consumption of content.

We therefore urge you to promote your LinkedIn activities!


No matter whether you are trying brand your company, attract applicants, look for potential customers, or attract recruiters – a well-maintained and up-to-date LinkedIn profile enables you to present yourself professionally and advertise yourself and your skills.

Why LinkedIn Videos?

You know Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube - huge platforms with incredibly high user numbers and even more content. The fact is: In an overcrowded social media atmosphere, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract attention.

For some time now, however, LinkedIn has been offering the opportunity to add a personal touch to your profile by including videos. As the feature has only been used by a few members so far, you can demonstrate your status as a true LinkedIn expert.

The use of LinkedIn videos helps you to consolidate your brand message, differentiate yourself from your colleagues, and keep the content you present in your viewers’ minds longer. Videos are justly considered the future of personal branding.

In a nutshell: Matt Wrld summarizes the most important advantages of LinkedIn videos.

Of course, a video cannot be compared to a personal conversation, but it is more personal than an email contact or an anonymous phone call. You get a vivid picture of people, their movements, the environment they work in, or how passionately they talk about their work.

In short, video is a great way to step in front of people and tell them a personal story.

And which videos are suitable for your Linkedin profile?

It all depends on your goal. 

Depending on whether you want to use the video to improve your chances on the job market, to build and spread your image, or to focus on new leads, different video formats are available.

Follow your personal goal.

Before you spontaneously pick up your smartphone and start your first video project, you should consider a few points. Successful business videos require a lot of preparatory work.

If you work in a start-up, the use of image films and explainer videos can help your target group better understand your mission, your product, or your service right away. 

If, on the other hand, you work for a medium-sized company, you can inspire your target group with exciting video content, skillfully stage your products with showreels, or win new applicants with the help of recruiting videos.  

Linked Talent Solutions provides tips for recruiting videos.

Depending on the target group and the advertised product, videos represent added value for the user that should not be underestimated.Especially in the B2B area, explainer videos can help to better present products and services in need of explanation. 

Place your message.

In total, LinkedIn videos can be integrated in 3 places of your profile. You can either upload the video directly from your hard drive onto the platform or insert a video link. Compatible link types include YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

LinkedIn-Video-VisitenkarteSimple and yet effective: videos enhance your profile in the twinkling of an eye.



That's how it works: Video support gives the community a deeper insight into its current activities.

Business card.

The business card is your personal figurehead. That's why it makes so much sense to include a suitable video here. 

If you click on the pencil symbol on the upper right side, the business card can be adapted. For this, a new window opens in which you can edit your personal data. If you scroll down to the bottom of the window, you will find the button called “Upload”. Select your favorite video and start the upload.

While the corresponding video is being uploaded from your computer to the platform, you can add the title of the video as well as a description.

Then click on Save – done! 

Depending on your personal settings, an update will now appear on the start pages of your network with the message that you have added a new media file or a media link – and you're on everyone's lips!

Work experience.

The work experience section of your LinkedIn profile can also be backed up with videos. To do this, click on the small blue pencil and scroll down within the window. Click on the "Link" button and copy the URL of your previously-uploaded video into the line. Here, you can also write a custom video description and give the video a great title.


As a third option, you can add videos to the Training section (near the end of your LinkedIn profile). As described in the previous tutorials, you can either add links to your video or upload the file separately.

It's worth copying: Show your community, for example, where you studied.

Form a unit.

In addition to other individual settings, the integration of videos allows you to adapt your profile to the company you are currently working for.

Through specially-created background images or a collectively-integrated image film, the corporate identity of a company can be shared via the employees and their personal networks. Positive side effect? The employees' sense of unity is strengthened.


For this strategy, it is worth drafting a Social Media Guideline that lists and explains exactly what measures employees can take to contribute to the company's appearance.

If you do not yet have a suitable video for this purpose, we recommend that you look into the topic of image films. Image films take the viewer on a virtual journey into the company. In addition, explainer videos offer interested parties exciting insights into your products and services.

Clever connection: The image film produced by Mynd explains the product itself while portraying an image of the company.


Great examples of LinkedIn members shining through the use of video.

Niah Curry finds her dream job.

With her video called "All Recruiters, Meet Niah J. Curry," college graduate Niah Curry made a viral hit. In this video, she introduces herself and her abilities and talks about her first professional experiences and her strengths. Briefly and concisely, she sums up her motivation and asks the recruiters to get in touch with her

Through this action, she gained the attention of none other than Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn. He was so excited, that he shared her video, causing its views to skyrocket. To top it all off, the young California woman received a job offer from Linkedin, which she accepted.

Clear announcement to recruiters: 59-second self-presentation through video.


Rutger Hofma | Provides insights into his work.

The anchor and towing master Rutger Hofma gives insights into his daily work with his LinkedIn video.

He shares with his community the breathtaking sight of him towing a wind turbine with his ship. Actually, it’s nothing that special if not for the beautiful sunrise.

From the shadow into the light – Often, it’s the little things that beautify your everyday life.


Shuang Chen | Presents her product.

Shuang Chen is a creative marketing specialist with a strong passion for virtual and augmented reality.

For the start-up company “LIV,” which has made it its business to show Virtual Reality gameplays vividly via a live stream, Shuang Chen presents her product on camera.

In the videos, she can be seen in the "Green Cube" and thus presents what the "Let's Plays" of virtual reality games can look like. In total, her video received over 100 million hits!

Shuang Chen live in action: The Green Cube immerses viewers in virtual reality without wearing VR glasses.


Stand out from the crowd.

People use LinkedIn to get a picture of you and your work.

So rely on videos that make your profile more colorful, exciting, and interactive and inspire a great first impression. Increase your visibility on LinkedIn and show the community who you really are.

Unsure what content you want to include? No problem! We will be happy to advise you on suitable video options for your LinkedIn profile and support you in creation of your video.

Would you like to be more successful?

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