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5 TOP animated ads from the healthcare industry

Author: Peter Kajan

05. August 2021

Video marketing is used in many industries and healthcare is no exception. Last year, health organizations published an average of 268 videos, which is 87% more than in 2019. It's no surprise because a video can present difficult medical topics to people in a non-threatening way. This makes things easier for healthcare professionals and their patients.

The healthcare industry is vast, but we have selected 5 videos to focus on as both the processes used, and the ideas presented, are worth watching.

Let's start with the most recent example.

Babies’ entrance into this world

The company Unimed, which provides professional services in the distribution of medicines and other medical equipment, published a very emotive spot for Mother's Day this year.

What do babies experience before birth and how do they make their way into the world to meet and be held by their mothers? It is unrealistic to show this emotional "journey" in the form of a traditional film or video. The ideal solution is 3D animation which can communicate this experience in an charming way. Judge for yourself:

The little baby's brave journey into the world


We have already addressed the power of storytelling in several articles and the following video spot further confirms this.

The story shows a plush bunny who starts coughing and fails the "quality control" requirements in the toy factory as a result. After being discarded, he sets out to find a specialist to help him and treat his cough. The initially fruitless search ends happily as the bunny finds a toy repair shop where they finally help him.

The spot depicts the true story of a patient who could not get rid of a cough and only found an answer after dozens of sessions with various doctors: She suffers from a severe lung disease: NTM.

The aim of this video is to raise awareness of this hard-to-diagnoses illness which causes tuberculosis-like lung disease.

Biopharmaceutical company Insmed raises awareness of NTM thanks to a professional animated spot

The 3D animated video is full of elaborate detail and each scene is a work of art. A nice detail is a pigeon, which witnesses the bunny’s arrival outside the factory and then reappears at the happy end of the story.

What does anxiety look like?

Recently, especially with the ongoing pandemic situation, there has been a lot of talk about people's mental health. Unlike physical health, mental problems are often invisible and undefined. In this case, too, animation comes to the rescue. Video can make the invisible visible, so thanks to it even those who have never experienced them can understand certain emotions. An example is this elegant, animated video from the BBC, which shows stories about the fight against anxiety.

An animated video released by the BBC for Mental Health Week that presents the fight against anxiety

The video is intended for school pupils, so the main characters are two students. The spot presents how anxiety can destroy self-confidence and, as a result, prevent the fulfillment of human potential. The survival of the characters is emphasized by dramatic movements, which also shows the urgency of the problem.

Early detection = the best prevention

Talking in a non-threatening manner about serious diseases is also crucial in healthcare. A good example is this series of animated spots from Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai, which aim to raise awareness of the early signs of cancer in childhood. The intended viewers are both parents and children. Thanks to the animation, this scary and overwhelming subject is presented in a gentle, memorable way.

Transformation of the song "Twinkle, twinkle little star" for campaign purposes

They use well-known children's songs with new lyrics that are easy to remember, and thanks to the use of 3D animation they communicate the message effectively.

Transformation of the song "Old Donald's Farm Had" for campaign purposes

But let's lighten the mood a little now!

Emptying bowels without pain

Presenting medicines to treat occasional constipation is not attractive. In addition, it is a taboo or embarrassing topic that we do not discuss with our loved ones. If we do come across advertising for such a product, it’s usually boring text ads full of professional information about substances that soften the stool.

However, Colace decided to buck the trend and not use the usual communication type. A few months ago, they introduced a funny, catchy video campaign called, "Poop Should Never Feel Painful." The spot uses 3D animation and humorously presents how painful constipation can be.

Funny video to promote a remedy to relieve constipation

We are confident that you enjoyed this selection and that the videos inspired you and enriched your view of animated video production. If you have any questions about videos, please feel free to contact us.

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