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4 industries where video marketing is booming

Author: Peter Kajan

24. May 2021

Video works effectively for all industries and market sectors. It’s able to present the brand's story in an engaging and easily digestible way, which helps the business to achieve its marketing goals. We have seen a significant increase in video marketing recently, predominantly in four industries. Read on to find out which are they are!

# Healthcare

There's nothing more important than health, right? There is significant competition in the industry and, unfortunately, there have been problems too. That's why it can be hard for organizations in this field to gain the trust of the public. To address this and other challenges, many healthcare facilities – from the smallest private clinics to large hospitals – are turning to the power of animated videos.

They do so to help their customers understand not only the broader context, but also the smaller details that are less well-known. Last year, health organizations published an average of 268 videos. This is an astonishing 87% more than in 2019. Let's look at a few striking examples:

The Clinical Research Centre is an organization that targets patients, physicians, and clinical trial sponsors. It helps streamline the process of developing and testing more effective drugs and medical devices. The company provides a lot of text on its website about what they do, how they do it, and why they provide these services. But, let's be honest: few people will want to or have time to read all that content. They would rather watch the centre’s short, animated video which explains everything:

This explainer video in dynamic Flat Motion style presents the company's message clearly

Do you know what a pandemic and a video have in common? They are both global.

Animated videos are currently used all over the world in the medical environment as a tool to combat misinformation and false news in connection with the Corona Virus known as Covid-19.

An example is the Ministry of Health in Australia which has published a series of videos on its YouTube channel about the introduction of vaccines. These videos use simple animations, a quiet voiceover and soothing background music to explain how vaccines work in layman’s terms.

One of the many videos offered by the Australian Ministry of Health on its channel.

Animated videos are extremely valuable in that they can portray ideas, processes, etc. that are not normally seen or, in some cases, visible to the naked eye. They are therefore a very popular way to depict various medical procedures. This makes it possible for doctors to clearly show the procedure to the patient in detail and in a way that is informative but not gruesome. Patients that are well informed are less likely to be frightened because they know what to expect.

3D animated video operations


The financial sector is a dynamic one with many countries seeing increased growth in this industry in recent years. Fin-techs, start-ups, banks and other financial institutions are looking for innovative ways to connect with their customers and develop a more personal relationship with them.

The traditional form of advertising no longer works for today's consumers. They are looking for something original and fresh. The whole idea of banking and financial matters generally is intimidating for many people. For others money is a sensitive subject. Regardless of the situation, it’s vital that financial institutions instil trust in their clients. These are all reasons why companies are increasingly turning to video to meet these needs.

No more black jackets, serious faces and confusing features

Thanks to video, the world of finance becomes lively and playful! In 2020, the use of animated videos in this area increased by 129% compared to 2019. Companies frequently use explainer videos to introduce customers to more complex financial theory, explain banking concepts and terminology, learn about financial products, or explain how various features work, such as setting up payments. An example is the colour video for the application Garden which helps people to save and invest:

An engaging video presenting the Garden app

The Fin-tech industry and videos that only use abstract elements may not seem like a good match, but they are in fact perfect for each other. The following Comdirect Bank video illustrates this very well. It presents banking and finance catch phrases such as, “your money will grow" in an innovative, entertaining way – without using words – and relying on abstract objects to convey meaning.

Comdirect Bank abstract video

The company VISA is known by many millions of people worldwide. It recently launched a new package of innovative VisaNet + AI services based on – as the name suggests – artificial intelligence. The company wanted to present this innovative product through a stylish animated video.

Animated video for VISA which presents the brand’s new innovative concept


Online shopping is currently a rapidly developing industry due to the power of the Internet and the current pandemic. Traders, who previously only devoted their energy to their brick-and-mortar stores, were forced to move online in 2020. In order to not only survive but to thrive, they had to look for ways to present themselves and their products in the most engaging way possible. The most effective way to achieve this is through a professional product video. Numerous brands and organisations included videos in their marketing strategies last year, and the trend continues to grow.

An excellent example is the Nike brand which adds "Behind the Design" videos to its YouTube channel. The videos provide all the information the customer needs before deciding whether to buy the product or not. In the space of a couple of minutes, the video demonstrates the sneakers in use, shows the details of the shoe from every angle, and includes reviews from those who have purchased the item. This is all accompanied by engaging storytelling that describes why and how the sneakers were created. In the video below, the attention of the viewers is also held by abstract motion graphics which evoke the high-tech cushioned design and show how comfortable running is when you wear these sneakers.

In the video, Nike presents the Nike Joyride - sneakers that make running easier

Videos are also a great choice when the story behind it is the customer’s own. The milk-design company, Manufaktur, produces jewellery that embodies the client’s memories. Instead of the usual images of jewellery that people are used to seeing, Manufaktur provides a touching animated video on its website which presents the main message of their products and describes the process.

For more examples of product videos that are worth watching, see our recent article: Product videos are essential for your e-shop’s success, and here is why

The animated video presents jewellery from the German brand milk-design, Manufaktur

#Real Estate

The way the real estate industry presents itself and functions changes every year, driven by the Internet and changing demands and technology. However, there is now a glut of property platforms which real estate agents all over the world list properties on. This means that, in this oversaturated market, agents need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. The smart organizations realize that the millennials form the largest group of people interested in real estate. In addition, they are the generation that is most experienced with video which has become their "must have" tool.

Making a major investment by buying a property is not an easy decision, so buyers look for an expert who is trustworthy and will help them to find the best possible deal. It is therefore necessary to create a strong online presence in this industry and this includes the effective use of animated video. In 2020, companies created an average of 84 videos.

Some people find it hard to see how you can combine selling property with animation. However, the following example shows that this type of video can do it brilliantly. BB Estates is a real estate company from Germany whose marketing is proof that the real estate industry can be fresh and modern.

Animated video in an Individual style for the BB Estates real estate agency

3D animated videos are also very popular among developers selling real estate as they can show the planned results of construction before the first brick is even laid. The quality is so good that the animation is almost indistinguishable from reality.

Sophisticated 3D animated video presenting unfinished construction is almost indistinguishable from reality

Marketing in any industry is about building brand awareness and creating an understanding of the products or services the brand offers. Competition is everywhere and usually fierce, so brands that want to succeed must look for creative marketing techniques to capture the minds (and / or hearts) of their target audience. Professional videos are the most successful because they meet what customers want: brevity and relevance in an engaging format! We hope you stay inspired after reading this article, and if you're interested in a video for your business, we're here for you!

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