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StepStone Videos – Optimized Job Posting in No Time

Chantal Niggenaber
Feb 8, 2019

Job advertisements on the online job platform StepStone are now supplemented by recruiting videos. In this article, you will learn how to increase your own employer appeal with this new video function. 

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In this article, you will learn...

  • everything about the new StepStone ad format.
  • why employer branding is so important and the most important aspects.
  • how to create a successful recruiting video.

Love is in the air.

With online job platforms, job hunting has become similar to online dating: you’re looking for true love! A perfect fit that leaves you confident that you’ve found your perfect match. In the course of digitalization, this has become a growing challenge for both employers and potential applicants.

Facebook applicant selection: For Marc Zuckerberg, the right balance between company fit and professional competence is decisive. 

StepStone recognized this problem, and with its new ad layout, promotes an improved Candidate Experience, which should shorten the application process and lead to cost savings for businesses.

Liquid Design - New layout for StepStone job ads.

Since September 2018, all StepStone job advertisements appear in standardized Liquid Design. The new ad structure is designed to make the decision-making process more efficient for both recruiting companies and potential applicants. A closer look at the ad structure reveals how this works.

Structure of the new StepStone job advertisements.

The new StepStone advertisement layout resembles a building block system and is divided into several text blocks with firm anchor points. The thematically-limited content elements improve legibility and make it easier for potential candidates to gather information.

StepStone job advertisement in the new Liquid Design captivates through its clarity and integrated video function.

Job advertisements are often considered your company’s business card and a strong element of employer branding. With the introduction of the Company Hub (multimedia company portrait) in 2017, StepStone already opened up extensive possibilities for potential applicants to experience their own company (e.g. through tested employee evaluations, a picture gallery and company videos).

What exactly is employer branding?

Let's stick to our online dating metaphor: If you want to decide between 10 potential data partners, intuitively use certain comparison parameters.

On one hand, there is the content design of online ads: Those who reveal little about themselves and are unable to give their profile a personal touch may never hit Cupid’s arrow. Contrary to the opinion of many “Inner beauty matters most” advocates, the profile should be visually appealing. A blurred selfie tends to receive less attention than an authentic and high-quality picture.

And according to these basic principles, Employer Branding functions (employer mark formation): The overriding goal is that you position yourselves as attractive employers and stand out positively from your competitors.

Employer Branding: explained in 7 seconds.

StepStone recruiting videos as a useful branding tool.

With the introduction of the new Liquid Design, a recruiting video can now be embedded as a visual branding tool in job ads placed on StepStone. The option is available for all Professional and Premium ads.

StepStone does not specify any design guidelines, neither in terms of video length nor content orientation. The only thing to note is that the video must be accessible via a Vimeo or YouTube URL. This can then be conveniently forwarded to StepStone by email for the creation of your ad. 


The first embedding of a video in a StepStone job advertisement costs an additional $200. For customers, who cannot yet include a video of their own, the online job platform offers video production as an additional service.

Recruiting videos – why you should not do without them.

Job advertisements are increasingly subject to the individualization compulsion of creatives who wish to convey the corporate design of their company to the world. But with the standardized ad structure on the online job platform, this development is being partially stifled. 

Potential candidates can compare different ads much faster thanks to Liquid Design. In addition, there is the optimized display of ads across all devices, which is an advantage in times of increasing mobile use in the application process.

mobile jobsuche nimmt zuMobile Recruiting Study 2017: The smartphone is the most important device for skilled workers when looking for a job. 

The location-independent job search makes the use of recruiting videos particularly effective. In contrast to long, wordy ads, videos score points for their infotainment character (information plus entertainment).

Growing demands for applicants. 

StepStone describes itself as a digital talent scout with a clearly-defined target group: Qualified specialists and managers usually use online job platforms as their first point of contact when looking for a suitable job. Due to the training prerequisites, the target group rarely finds itself without work. Rather, the aspiring self-confidence of job seekers increases the employer’s demands for employees, and loyalty decreases.

This is exactly why it is so important that you utilize the great potential of video integration. In order for your corporate brand to compete for the best talent in a competitive market, it is necessary for you to be present and stand out through smart employer branding.

Not convinced yet? Our article on recruiting videos gives you 5 reasons why video usage is indispensable.

When companies post job ads on StepStone, the question is not whether to integrate video – but rather when to integrate it.

Your recruiting video can become a decisive success factor, enabling you to build a qualified pool of applicants. The most important point of differentiation when creating employer branding videos is to provide in-depth insights into your corporate culture. 

Good to know:

The corporate culture (corporate personality) stands for certain values, norms, and attitudes that guide the behavior, decisions, and actions of all members of an organization.

Neil Patel explains in 3 minutes why the corporate culture is an indispensable success factor.

Numerous expressions revolve around the concept of corporate culture, such as “good vibes only,” and “spirit.” The quintessence of your corporate culture, however, is your love of your own company, which must be reflected in your recruitment video. 

These guidelines will help you create a successful recruiting video:

Content is still King!

Boring phrases are old news. Create content that shows what sets your company apart from the competition. Be concrete and make sure your video has legible subtitles that allow users to understand your message without sound. Don't try to imitate a content style that doesn't fit your corporate culture. Keep in mind that the recruiting video should attract the candidates who perfectly represent your company. This only works if you remain true to yourself.

Describe Company Benefits.

Today, it's no longer work-life balance, but work-life blend. Work and private life merge, and self-realization replaces monetary incentives. So make it very clear what added value you offer (e.g. fitness room, nursery, free parking). This can be easily showcased with an office tour, which gives the potential applicant an initial overview of the premises and the location of your company.

Use Corporate Influencers.

This refers to employees who are appointed company ambassadors. The most important characteristics of a corporate influencer are competence and proximity. Employee engagement is the most effective tool for credibly communicating corporate culture to the outside world. The following applies here: the more genuine, the better. Outtakes or imperfections can be integrated, which contribute to a relaxed atmosphere and authenticity. 

When creating your successful employer-branding video, please observe the CCC guideline: Content, Company Benefits, Corporate Influencer.

The following recruiting videos (synonymous with employer branding videos) illustrate how the CCC guideline can be successfully integrated: 

 Hubspot Employer Branding Video: Employees give genuine insights into an open corporate culture.

 TimoCom Employer Branding Video: Company Originality is demonstrated by a Christmas song written by the employees themselves.

 Barclays Employer Branding Video: This humorous teaser arouses the applicant's interest in an atypical but effective way.

Find your perfect match.

Despite increasing standardization trends in job advertisements, StepStone offers you an effective method of attracting the best candidates for your company through video embedding. 

Sometimes, you need a little help finding the love of your life. If you are interested in having an custom recruiting video created for your company, we will be happy to advise and support you »

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