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Screen Capture Video: The Screen-Sharing Video Style

Mischa Flinspach
Jul 2, 2019

The Screen Capture Video, also known as screen-sharing video, is based on filmed screens. It sounds simple, but as is so often the case, there is more to it! Discover the full potential and learn more about Screen Capture Videos here.

In this article you will learn:

  • What a Screen Capture Video is and how it works.
  • Information on prices, production times, and areas of application.

This article is perfect for anyone who:

  • Is considering production of a Screen Capture Video,
  • Wants to transparently and comprehensively learn about this form of video production.

You can also produce a screen capture video on your own.

You’ve undoubtedly discovered this option during your research, and rightfully so! After all, with Screen Capture Video, the recorded screen shots of your content form the basis of the subsequent explainer video in most cases.

Ultimately, when producing a Screen Capture Video, you have to define your requirements for the professionalism of the final result. Your answer is decisive for the possible in-house production or the creation of a Screen Capture video by a professional film production company.

Create your own Screen Capture Video or have it produced by a professional?

First of all, both variants can definitely be target-oriented! It depends very individually on the field of application and your case of application.

Here are two examples:

  1. You are planning the execution of a joint order for a project team of approximately four people. For organization of the order, you use your established project management tool. In order to better coordinate the internal processes, give a short introduction to the special features of the software, specifically for the upcoming order, by means of a screen recording.
  2. You establish a new software or would like to clarify the functionality of your intranet for the entire company.

Ask yourself if you can adequately produce your own video or if you’d benefit from a professional production.

In this article, we would like to show you the potential of producing a professional screen capture video. We will also discuss the individual features and implementation options within the screen capture video style.

This is all a screen capture video!

The Screen Capture Video is much more than a pure screen capture in its professional implementation. Primarily, you can differentiate between two design variants:

  1. Screen Capture Video based on original recordings.
  2. Screen Capture Video adapted to an individual style.

To the first variant:

Here, the original surface of a program, website, software, or the like is recorded using special software. Later, during the editing process, elements such as the mouse cursor are animated or individual areas within the website are accentuated.

To the second variant:

By the development of an individual explainer video style, the graphic basis of your Screen Capture video is leveled. The original surfaces are adapted in the style designed for you and then animated. This means that your screen captures are basically redrawn and edited in a style you prefer.

What does a Screen Capture Video cost?

If your decision is based on professional implementation, the question naturally arises as to the cost of a screen capture video. Depending on which explanation video provider you contact, which implementation variant you choose and how long the video runtime should be, you will receive different price quotations. Basically you can orientate yourself to the following house number:

Costs of a Screen Capture video:

The price of a professional Screen Capture video starts at approximately $4,000, and has a runtime of 1 minute or more.

If you would like detailed information on prices and costs of a screen capture video production, it is worth reviewing the portfolios of various explainer video providers.

When to use your Screen Capture Video.

Screen Capture Videos are suitable for a wide range of applications. The following examples are classic requests that can be displayed or explained with a Screen Capture Video:

  • Sequence of a click path (e.g. ordering process in an online shop).
  • Explanation of software/a tool/website (e.g. billing software).
  • Explanation of an app (e.g. functional scope).

Always ask yourself to what extent your target group should interact with the interfaces you show in the future. Your Screen Capture Video will be individually designed depending on the scope.

In the following, we will deal with the individual use cases and provide you with suitable Screen Capture video examples:

Use case click path.

  The finance tool Captano: Shown with a detailed click path.

In this explainer video, it is elementary for the viewer to follow a displayed process within a software and then be able to apply it. Due to the great variety of functions and the quite demanding application possibilities, the display of the click path is particularly target-oriented.

Use case Software.

This example shows an abstract and reduced representation of a software which has been implemented in an individual style. The focus is more on the core advantages and functionality of the software, which is why the original screens have not been reproduced in too much detail.

Use case App.

 fin4u: the 360 degree finance and insurance manager explained in the screen capture video

In this Screen Capture Video, the core advantages of an app are briefly and concisely summed up. For an optimal user experience, exemplary original screens are already used in the video. The sequence of clicks is dynamically displayed by rotating the smartphone mock-up.

Self-made or professional screen capture video production?

At the end of this article, you will have a closer look at the field of Screen Capture Video production. Now the question arises whether you can produce your video yourself or whether a professional video production is the best option.

To be on the safe side, simply let us advise you without obligation.

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We wish you every success in your project!

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