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Always on the Ball: These 10 Marketing Blogs Give You New Ideas

Liesa Huppertz
Apr 23, 2019

The infinite vastness of the marketing cosmos: Where should a marketing expert begin to find information? To make sure you don't miss any marketing trends, we'd like to introduce you to our Top 10 Marketing Blogs, which will make your life easier.

From the Beginning: What is Modern Marketing?

The marketing world is versatile and complex. New disciplines and expert jobs are springing up like mushrooms in late summer. This is due to social changes, the rapid progress in digitization and technology, and ever shorter product cycles.

Steve Jobs had already grasped something decisive in the 1990s. For a while now, it’s no longer about selling and communicating lifeless, highly technical product features. It’s about something bigger. Customers buy the feeling, the values that go along with buying a brand. They consciously choose a lifestyle. But let's let Steve Jobs speak for himself and tell us what Apple stands for:


Think Different: "In that craziness, we see uniqueness." - Apple founder Steve Jobs on the people Apple designs products for.


Are you already aware of what marketing means in modern times and what a key function this division plays? Then jump straight to the part where we highly recommend our Top 10 Marketing Blogs.

Everyone else, please turn your eyeballs back to these lines because now you'll get to know the role of modern marketing.

Before we go any further, we want to clarify a form of "fake news": Marketing is not just advertising!

So what is marketing then? Marketing accompanies the entire process from the conception of a product to its manufacture, distribution and marketing, right up to after sales, and finally, the disposal of the product. In other words – marketing is the product life cycle and its management!

Marketing als komplexes KonstruktMarketing as a complex construct simply explained on

What used to be standardized product development and simple bartering of securities in the days of Henry Ford and industrialization is now a dialogue at eye level between brands and end users. The push strategy makes room for a customer-friendly pull strategy where consumers can choose between products and live out brand preferences. These 3 characteristics will tell you how modern marketing reacts to this and how it tries to gain advantages in purchasing situations:


  1. The customer is king: a positive customer experience is the focus of all company decisions because consumers determine the success of a brand. Marketing experts are obsessed with the opinion of (potential) customers and monitor the entire customer journey from beginning to end and always in order to be able to give in if necessary.
  2. Only inbound: modern marketing is a mixture of classical and digital disciplines. A good mix is best received by consumers. More complexity requires greater specialization. There is nobody who knows and can do everything! Conversely, marketing drivers acquire expertise and experience in a specific area and medium working closely together to improve the customer experience.
  3. Innovation is power: Modern marketing is responsive, adaptable, and agile. With Big Data, marketing professionals are always one step ahead of consumers. For example, the total amount of data can be used for even more efficient targeting and customer relationship management. Personalized customer experiences are the key to success.

This shows not only "what" competencies are important in the marketing area, but also "how" a collaboration should be regulated across disciplines and departments in a modern company. Different areas of responsibility are directly interwoven and equally as important.

Whether copywriter, supply chain manager, or mobile app developer, everyone is needed for a smooth interaction with the customer in order to satisfy him or her!

Modern marketing understood: Check! Now, let’s take a look at 5 marketing disciplines that you should be looking out for in the latest trend forecasts for 2019. Included in the complete package are 10 different blogs to keep you up-to-date and inspired by new groundbreaking actions.

Focus on Marketing Communication.

If we are being honest, there is an oversupply of brands for the same product. Nevertheless, everyone wants to sell their product in order to earn money.

A hopeless dilemma? Absolutely not! The trick is to build a strong brand with which consumers can maintain an emotional relationship and place it above the offerings of other brands. How does this work most effectively? Marketing communication.

Some of the core disciplines of modern marketing communication that currently receive a lot of attention are:

  1. Content Marketing.
  2. Social Media Marketing.
  3. SEO.
  4. Mobile Marketing.
  5. Video Marketing.

Experts predict that these disciplines will grow even faster in the future and develop their own specific characteristics.

In order for marketing experts to be able to survey the entire subject area, high-quality and up-to-date sources are worth their weight in gold. There doesn’t even have to be a lot – quality over quantity is the motto for information procurement!

For this reason, we have limited the selection to our top 10 blogs and categorized them for a simpler overview.

1. Content Marketing.

“Content ist King!” has not changed until today.

Storytelling is a popular and often used communication tool to advertise products that are not entirely for commercial purposes. How to create the perfect advertising mix so that long-term and loyal customer relationships are the result of your interactions is explained in our XXL Storytelling Guide.

Aside from storytelling, user-generated content is another hot trend you should consider in 2019. 77% of conversations about brands on social networks are about users looking for advice, information, or help. 70% of millennials are dependent on online testimonials from their peer group. The possibilities in the area of content co-creation between brands and consumers will become apparent over time.

See for yourself, these blogs show you the right way.

#1 Content Marketing Institute (CMI): The Reliable All-Rounder.

Thematically the CMI covers everything from A to Z: Content Strategy, Creation, Distribution, and Measurements. The reader is provided with useful how-to guides, step-by-step instructions, best practice examples, case studies, and of course, industry news. Here they are well provided for!

Recommended articles:

Your 2020 Mission: A Unified Strategy for Content in Your Marketing.
Learn From the Best: 8 Inspiring Content Marketing Examples.
Rock Your Content With These 7 Songwriting Secrets.

#2 Hubspot – For Inbound Specialists.

 Hubspots articles are built on 3 pillars: Marketing, Sales, and Service. According to their blog motto, "Your daily dose of inbound content," they deliver valuable content around the customer journey and interaction with (potential) customers on different platforms. Hubspot is once again significantly enhancing its blog by sharing research results and interesting statistics.

Recommended Articles:

How Frequently Should I Publish on Social Media? A HubSpot Experiment.
45 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2018.
15 of the Best 'About Us' & 'About Me' Pages and How to Make Your Own


The co-founders of Hubspot live on stage at the big INBOUND Event 2018.


2. Social Media Marketing.

SproutSocial predicts that the social media trend for 2019 will be to build "more trust" between brands and users. Since the recent data protection scandals, changes in the algorithm, and the entry into force of the DSGVO in Europe in May 2018, tension is in the air. This needs to be defused.

Private groups, such as those on Facebook, are becoming increasingly popular, both among companies and users. Brands, brand ambassadors, loyal fans, and close friends can meet and exchange information on secure terrain. Together with your followers, brands can develop products or optimize them on the basis of feedback.

Communicating more transparently also means providing more insights into everyday business life and letting users take a look behind the scenes of a brand. Social media with features such as Facebook Story, Instagram Stories, and IGTV have already adapted to this trend. But there is so much more potential in this area!

Be the first to learn about new social trends and take on a pioneering role in order to be even better there for your target group. The following blogs will help you to fulfill this task.

#3 Hootsuite: Recommended by Social Relations Experts.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that aims to help users better understand social media. As a result, the blog is dedicated to knowledge transfer in the following areas: specific platform know-how, content creation, post scheduling, monitoring & analysis, and team management.

Recommended articles:

How to Use Instagram for Business: A Practical 6-Step Guide.
Top 5 Social Media Trends in 2019 (And How Brands Should Adapt).
How to Write the Best Instagram Bio: Ideas, Tips, and Examples.


On the occasion of its anniversary in 2018, Hootsuite looks back on 10 years of company history.


#4 Social Media Examiner: The Kickstarter.

The numerous articles in the categories of starter guide, how-to articles, expert interviews, and research results are particularly striking for the Social Media Examiner. This blog offers a good basis to get started later as a social media expert, especially for social media beginners.

Recommended articles:

How to Monitor Your Social Media Mentions: 5 Listening Tools.
LinkedIn for Business: The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Guide.
YouTube Live: What Marketers Need to Know.

3. Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO).

Marissa Meyer, former Google spokeswoman, described SEO as, "We want to help you find the best answer to your question, even if you don't know where to look."

Until now, SEO has followed a very technical approach to push web content with certain tricks and outwit search engines. The goal is still to appear on the first page of the search results. Keyword analysis, backlink generation, shortcuts, snippets, responsive web design, etc. are just some of the many technical terms that SEO experts deal with on a daily basis.

New, however, is the development from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to SXO (Search Experience Optimization). This is intended to bring the customer experience- the "experience" that a user makes with his search query to the foreground.

The following blogs will tell you exactly what this new expression is all about.

#5 MOZ: The Top Dog.

MOZ: known worldwide and supported by the largest SEO community. Its blog authors are among the most respected in the industry. In short, MOZ sets the tone in the industry and has countless resources. From SEO novices to full-blooded professionals, everyone gets their money's worth.

Recommended articles:

On-Page SEO for 2019 - Whiteboard Friday.
Rewriting the Beginner's Guide to SEO, Chapter 1: SEO 101.
Full Funnel Testing: SEO & CRO Together - Whiteboard Friday.


MOZ 52k large Vlog on YouTube: An SEO expert talks about link building in a whiteboard Friday session.


#6 Neil Patel: Learning from an Expert 

Neil Patel leads the reader through the SEO world. His main topics are news from the fields of adwords, local SEO, apps, and social media.

Recommended articels:
7 social media predictions that will happen by the end of 2019.
The Number One Reason 99% of Your Visitors Don’t Buy from You [Fast Conversion Rate Optimization].
What Does Content Marketing Look Like in 2019.

4. Mobile Marketing.

According to Instagram, half of all online videos will be played on mobile devices by 2021. Companies are already converting to vertical and square videos. This way users no longer have to rotate their screens to watch a video. Instagram met these customer demands with IGTV.

What mobile hacks do you need to know about? Find out in the next two blogs. These are the specialists among mobile marketers and app developers. Let them inspire you and show you what is possible.

#7 Mobile Marketer: The Top Current Pragmatist.

Mobile Marketer doesn't just torch for a long time, it gets straight to the heart of the matter. Study results combined with practical examples and marketing insights are explained on the basis of real case studies. As you could already guess, this blog educates you to be logical pragmatists.

Recommended articles:

Volvo revs up Super Bowl 'anti-commercial' with mobile contest.
75% of search shopping impressions occur on mobile, Kenshoo finds.
Football fans less likely to use apps during Super Bowl, study finds.

#8 Business of Apps: From App Understanders for App Lovers.

This is a particular blog, exclusively for the niche areas of mobile marketing, mobile ads, and app development, focusing primarily on news and case studies from the industry. Similar to "Mobile Marketer" before, this blog is also very practice-oriented.

Recommended article:

Playable ads successfully engage gamers, but also brand customers.
Mobile banner ads 120% more effective than video for ROI.
Netflix ads? No, thank you – study finds 57% would leave streaming service.

5. Video Marketing.

Let’s let the facts speak for themselves:

In other words, take care of your video marketing strategy as soon as possible so that you can satisfy the needs of (potential) customers in the best possible way in the future, thus remaining competitive. The right contacts for these purposes are the following expert blogs, which show you what video marketing is all about.

#9 Wistia: A Personality About Your Skills

Wistia is a video hosting platform for emerging companies. It is the third best known platform, after YouTube and Vimeo. This blog is dedicated to production, marketing, and sales. Their insights into the company in the form of contributions on product updates, customer showcases (case studies), and their Wistia culture have been particularly successful- and always with video content that loosens up and entertains.

Recommended articles:

Best Practices for Pitching Your Product with Video.
Wistia's Turnstile Feature: Updates That'll Make Your Marketing More Seamless.
The 2018 Wistia Rap-Up.

#10 Mynd: Unadulterated Insights with the Video Makers.


Our top guide: 5 tips on how to sell more with video.


We at Mynd are experts in video marketing. We love to share our knowledge with you and prepare you for your own video projects. Sharing is Caring! Our speciality: tips and tricks around videos for all platforms, how-to guides, trend previews, and many more tricks to help you optimize your video marketing strategies. We make every effort to provide you with the best possible information. We find that we can give ourselves a pat on the back in this respect.

Recommended articles:

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Video Marketing: The 6 Biggest Mistakes, And How To Avoid Them.
More YouTube Views: Optimize Your Video Quickly and Easily.

Which way will you go in 2019?

Nowadays, we can only say one thing with great certainty: change is the only constant.

One ingredient in the recipe for innovative companies is certainly the right attitude – study, learn, borrow. This trait was defined by The Innovation Enterprise and describes companies that can only satisfy their thirst for knowledge through continuous learning and experimentation. Whether voice marketing or SXO, no matter what the idea is, agile companies do not shy away from new paths.

Are your fingers already tingling? We hope that this article has inspired you and wish you every success in implementing your marketing projects in 2019.

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