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App Store Preview Videos: With Video, Compete for App Store Success

Liesa Huppertz
May 28, 2019

Have you built your app and are now wanting to bring it to the people as successfully as possible? Then it's time for an intelligent marketing strategy. Why you should no longer ignore App Store preview videos is explained in this article.

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What is an App Store Preview Video?
4 Easy Steps to a Convincing App Store Preview Video (for iOS Apps9).
2 Examples of Successful App & App Store Preview Videos.
Conquer the App Store This Year!

You are on every smartphone: Apps

They support us in our everyday lives and make our lives 100% easier. Checking private messages in Facebook Messenger or looking for directions in Google Maps has become a habit.

Smartphone users use an average of 9 apps per day and 30 per month. The popular app categories are social networking, communication, productivity, and dating. Their usage time has risen dramatically in the last two years. Today, U.S. citizens spend an average of more than 2 hours a day in apps.

Result: People are hot on apps.

mobile app report von comScore_Die App-Lieblinge in 2017 (Android und iOS).Mobile App Report from comScore: The App Favorites in 2017 (Android and iOS).

For entrepreneurs, this is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, this market has great potential for new app developments. On the other hand, you are competing with over 2 million other apps in the App Store.

So how do you manage to stand out from the crowd and remain competitive? The answer may or may not surprise you. Use explanatory and image-enhancing App Store preview videos.

The brain jogging app Peak sets a good example. By splitting the screen, interested parties can gain a direct insight into the functionality and design layout of the app. The video ends with an encouraging final picture: "Awesome job, H! [...] Goal reached." Peak leaves the viewer with a positive feeling and remains memorable.

Want to play? - The App from Peak knows how to convince.

In order to define target-oriented marketing strategies as an advertiser, detailed customer information is required. Therefore, the question arises: How do potential buyers actually become aware of the app? Where do the leads come from?

TUNE's study results are clear: 47% of iOS users found the app in the App Store, while 53% of Android users did the same in Google Play.

What does that tell you? You should focus your marketing activities largely on your App Store appearance to promote your app and generate more sales.

Techcrunch where U.S. iPhone users found the last app they download Techcrunch: Where U.S. iPhone users found their most recently downloaded app.

Moving images are an excellent tool for this project. The current trends speak for themselves.

According to Cisco, videos will account for 82% of Internet traffic by 2020.

Consumers simply love videos! They stand out from the written flood of information and are easily digestible food. In addition, moving images promote trust on the part of users. They serve as a powerful branding tool and can even help achieve higher Google rankings.

Why not use videos in the App Store? We are fully behind this idea. Unfortunately, only a few brands use this possibility, which is reason enough for us to help you. Dealing with App Store preview videos isn’t rocket science.

We'll give you the most important step-by-step guidance so that you can stand on your own feet as quickly as possible. We’ll begin with the definition of the App Store preview videos and explain how they differ from normal App Videos.

What is an App Store Preview Video?


Shorter versions of the term "App Store Preview Videos" may be, “App Store Previews” or “Demo Videos.”

App previews are very short videos with a maximum length of 30 seconds. They demonstrate the features, functionality, and the user interface of the app. Your stage is the product page of an app developer in the App Store. App previews can be shared either as original screens or as visual abstractions.

In addition to static screenshots, App Store visitors can use demo videos to get a better view of an app before they buy it. App Store preview videos contribute to a positive user experience and encourage app downloads.

As the saying goes, “keep it short and sweet,” which is exactly the challenge with this type of video. However, if you understand how to do that, you have mastered the art of video creation. Mynd proceeds according to the poodle principle. If you would like to know what that means, then this video clears up.

Videos: Part of the App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is essentially nothing more than search engine optimization (SEO) for the App Store and Google Play. Like SEO, ASO concentrates on keyword and search relevance as well as keyword density in the app description on the product page of an app. ASO ensures the general improvement of the online user experience, requiring further marketing measures.

The mobile app development agency BuildFire published these top app ranking factors:

  • Relevant keywords in title & description (as mentioned above).
  • Number of downloads.
  • Ratings and Reviews.
  • Icons and Screenshots.

Your success is reflected in the app listing. Of course, as an app developer, you want to be at the forefront. We are of the opinion that one decisive factor is missing: videos. Not only do they improve the user experience, but they also favor customer ratings in benefit of your app ranking.

The extent of the domino effect is much greater than initially thought. A good ranking in the App Store also optimizes finding your app in Mobile Search. The chance of gaining new customers this way is growing. Have you thought about the fact that more people surf with mobile devices than with the desktop? All we can say is: Mobile rules!

Google-Suchergebnis zeigt “Calm” als App-Vorschlag auf erster Position.Google search result shows "Calm" as app suggestion on first position.

This example will prove our point. Type the search term "daily meditation" on your Google smartphone. What happens? The meditation app "Calm" appears first before all other search results, with over 8,000 positive reviews.

Grandiose App Preview Performance = hohes Ranking im App Store = erster Platz im Mobile Search = mehr Downloads/Sales!

App Store Preview Video vs. App Video.

We suspect that you might be confused about the two terms "App Store Preview Video" and "App Video.” That's why we want to briefly address the difference.

App Store Preview Videos can be found only in the App Store and are a maximum of 30 seconds long (see definition).

However, App Store Preview Videos can be reused for different promotional purposes in different ways. We then call these promo videos App Videos. They differ in length and location.

Make sure you include promo videos in a couple of these promotional activities. Our experience to date has shown that they can help you make a profit.

  • Eye-catcher on App Landing Page, in the official corporate blog & in email campaigns (advantage: strong branding tool with high advertising impact).
  • Virality generator in social media (advantage: use reach strength of channels).
  • Entertainer as in-store promo, at trade fairs or app launch parties (advantage: arouses attention & interest)
  • Icebreaker for presentations (advantage: convince investors & business partners)
Pay attention to the given format and video length. These can differ depending on the platform.

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We don't want to keep you on your toes any longer. Now it’s time to learn how to create compelling App Store videos yourself. You will be well equipped with our tips.

4 Simple Steps to the Convincing App Store Preview Video (for iOS Apps).

In this section, we'll give you a step-by-step guide – short and concise with the most important points you should consider when planning and implementing your App Store preview video.

#1 Define Content.

You have 15-30 seconds to convince the prospective customer of your app. Not a second longer! You should only reveal as much information as necessary to tempt the consumer to download your app. Your message should be one thing above all else: understandable.

Every beginning is difficult. But Simon Sinek's Golden Circle method will certainly make it easier: What do you offer, how, and why?

Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk: The Principle of the Golden Circle.

Create a priority list for the app features and spin a story around them so the consumer becomes more aware of the app's added value.

#2 Record Video.

In der Regel orientieren Sie sich beim Dreh an einem vorgefertigten Script oder Drehbuch. Das heißt, der Inhalt ist schon mal klar. Nun müssen Sie noch die technischen Weichen stellen. Hierzu sollten Sie zwei Dinge beachten.


If you decide on a voiceover, you can record it yourself. Make sure you have a good microphone and a quiet environment to avoid background noise. However, if you have a bigger budget, you should look for a full-time speaker. This will give the entire production more professionalism.


Apple generally recommends using footage recorded by an iOS device (e.g. iPhone, Mac, Apple TV). Simply connect your device to your Mac using a Lightening or USB-C cable as you navigate through the app. The recordings land directly in QuickTime Player, a video editing application. Both landscape and portrait recordings are possible. Tip: Collect several intakes and then select the best footage so you have more choices!

For more information on video format, recording, and editing, see Apple's guidelines.

#3 Edit Video.

Open your footage in QuickTime Player, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Screenflow, or any other editing software of your choice. Now, you can crop your video according to your preferences.

If necessary, add short text blocks and/or animations that point to specific things in the app. For example, you can mark areas in the app that the user should tap to do certain things. Music can also be used for a lively demo video.

Purchase a (free) music track from a Music Stock website for your App Store Preview Video.

#4 Upload Video.

You're almost at the end of your rope. Now, there's only one thing left to do: publish to App Store Connect. To ensure smooth playback on multiple devices, follow Apple's exact formatting guidelines.

Select an attractive thumbnail to encourage users to press play. Enough with the theory behind it all. The practical implementation is just as important.

Learn from the best App and App Store preview videos with the following 2 brands:

2Examples of Successful App & App Store Preview Videos.

Since we want to show you the full range of what is possible, we have compiled a mix of different App Store Preview Videos and App Videos. Let's get started!

#1 Waze – Original-Screen.

In this case, it is an App Store preview video.

Thanks to the live broadcast of the app, the viewer quickly understands how it works and how it can be used. Colorful pictures are displayed with instructions to help gain a better understanding. First, an explanation, then, an illustration by moving image in the app is a simple yet effective presentation.

The cheerful whistle music (not audible in the video, only via your own search in the App Store) creates the impression of easy handling and really makes you want to use the app.

Reach your destination easily with Waze’s App.


#2 iHeartRadio – Animation Deluxe.

This is a typical video to use in the App Store. In 30 seconds, the features are cut briefly, but there's more to it than that.

A red dot guides the smartphone user so that he can make use of the features mentioned. In addition, everything is in motion here, matching the cool music from the iHeartRadio repertoire.

The style of the video underlines the young, funky and lively image of the brand and conveys the right vibes.

iHeartRadio App advertises with pop music and entertaining animations.



Conquer the App Store This Year!

In 2017, 178.1 trillion apps were downloaded worldwide. By 2018, it had already reached 205.4 trillion. For 2020, Statista forecasts 258.2 trillion app downloads.

You know what all this means for you, don't you? It's time to shoot your own App Store video and integrate it with your App Store activities. Promo videos included, of course.

All this is still very new for you? Would you like personal advice and more support when implementing your video project? No problem! We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation »

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